Potty. Bowl-shaped container that is kept in the bedroom under the bed and used to evacuate at night.


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  • 1 History
    • 1 Bourdaloue potty
  • 2 Description
  • 3 Manufacturing materials
  • 4 Modern use
  • 5 Sources


A peculiar form of chamber pot, the Bourdaloue, was designed specifically for women. The oblong rectangular or oval shape of the container, with a higher front sometimes allowed women to urinate squatting or standing, without much risk of error, also helping to preserve clothing.

Bourdaloue urinal

The name Bourdaloue is said to have come from a famous French Catholic priest, Louis Bourdaloue ( 1632 – 1704 ), who gave sermons so long that the ladies of the aristocracy who listened to him had their maids discreetly put these urinals under their dresses. that they could urinate without having to leave. However, this explanation is probably a myth.

Urinals were in common use until the 19th century , when the introduction of toilets inside homes began to displace them. In some countries like China (which has a large rural population), urinals are still easily found.


A chamber pot or bubbler is a bowl-shaped container that is kept in the bedroom under the bed and used to evacuate at night . It is also used by young children who have already left the diaper but are not yet used to using the toilet.

Manufacturing materials

The urinals are made of ceramic, iron, bronze, earthenware, agate and more recently, plastic and usually have a handle.

Modern use

In most parts of the world, urinals are used today to teach young children to urinate and defecate before they are able to use toilets because of their size. They are generally made of plastic and have bright colors.


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