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Air fryer: An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around food using the convection mechanism. It is a reduced version of the convection oven. A mechanical fan circulates hot air around food at high speed, cooks food, and produces a crisp coating through browning reactions of two kinds. In caramelization, sugars are broken down and chemically transformed into complex brownish substances, while in the Maillard reaction, which is usually seen when meat is roasted or fried, the carbohydrates / sugars and proteins in a food react each other to form Schiff bases, which then form other tasty compounds, including the brown ring compound that contains one or more nitrogen atoms in the ring, such as pyrazines and pyridines. [2] The Maillard reaction requires temperatures between 280-330 ° F (140-165 ° C), while caramelization temperatures depend on the sugar being caramelized and range between 230-360 ° F (110-180 °]

Most air fryers have temperature and timer settings that allow for more precise cooking. Food is cooked in a cooking basket on top of a drip tray. The basket and its contents should be shaken periodically to ensure even oil coverage. High-end models accomplish this by incorporating a food stirrer that continuously agitates food during the cooking process.

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However, most fryers require the user to manually perform the task at periodic intervals. Convection ovens and air fryers are similar in the way they cook food, but air fryers are generally smaller in capacity than convection ovens and emit less heat. The taste and consistency of foods cooked by traditional fried and air-fried techniques are not identical, because the greatest amount of oil used in traditional frying penetrates the food (or the coating dough, if used) and adds its own flavor. In particular, if the food is stirred only in a wet mass without an external barrier of a dry layer like breadcrumbs that are pressed firmly to ensure adhesion, The fan on the air fryer can blow out the dough (or loose crumbs) from the food. Some air fryers are equipped with accessories, such as pizza pans, skewer racks, and cake kegs.


The original patent for the air fryer was filed by Turbochef Technologies in 2005 and was directed at large hotel chains and food establishments. In 2007 Van der Weij had found a way to optimize the air fryer to work properly. At that time, it did not have the financial means to market the product. Fred met Hans Brocker, who recognized the potential of Fred’s invention and became a shareholder in KCS, the daughter company of APDS. Fred developed the prototype himself by partnering with Chinese partners. Two years later, the prototype was ready, and Hans and Fred developed the product strategy. In early 2009, the small business owned by Fred van der Weij and Hans Brocker contacted Phillips. They had developed a product that could also be translated into a consumer product. Godwin Zwanenburg, the innovation leader at Philips Consumer Lifestyle, presented the idea to his sales team. Philips decided to sign a license agreement with the inventors. Later they created the Airfryer. The appliance was designed according to the appearance of other Philips products.

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In 2010 Philips introduced the Airfryer, a new kitchen appliance at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), a consumer electronics fair in Berlin. It was developed using the patented Rapid Air technology. The Airfryer was introduced by Philips marketing managers and Fred van der Weij, the inventor of the technology, who also owned APDS, a small product development company founded in 1990, and under which the Airfryer was developed to retail scale. As of 2019, there are a large number of brands selling deep fryers.



Countertop air fryers offer an alternative to traditional oil frying. Circulating hot air has many applications in the kitchen, including cooking: French Fries, Chicken Breast, Cheeseburgers, Steak, Chorizo, Bacon, Fish, Tarts and Muffins, Quiche, Eggs, if used together with a tray for Hunt Eggs, Chiko Rolls


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