Potato cultivation and use in the roof garden

As a popular vegetable, potato’s name will come first. Do not do it with potatoes! Pomegranate foods like potatoes, potato chops, potato sours, potatoes are all made with potatoes. If you do not put potatoes in the meat salad, then the curry will become stale.


Potato is believed to be the first to be found in America. Potato farming was practiced before the famous sailor from Spain reached Colombia. This potato was the main food of American indigenous peoples. The first potatoes entered Europe from Peru when Spain established the colony. Started with Spain but later spread throughout Europe in the sixteenth century. It later brought European settlers to North America. In Ireland, potatoes became the main food in the eighteenth century. While ordinary potatoes are different from sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes were once propagated as potatoes, not separately. The potato was the main food in Europe during the two world wars. Potatoes were a major source of energy in German camps. This potato later became the staple food of all Europeans.


In this subcontinent, potatoes have come under the control of the colonists. This subcontinent does not recognize potatoes in the era of Charapad or Sultans. Portuguese sailors brought the first potatoes, probably in the seventeenth century. The first report on potato cultivation in India came out from British magazine The Gardening Monthly in the 5th. This Bengal root was the first to start cultivating potatoes. After spreading potatoes slowly from Kolkata, all over India sub-continent.

Potatoes and Potatoes  Courtesy : SM Sayem .

Use of potatoes

In Bangladesh, potatoes are mainly consumed as vegetables. This is a diet of the other side. Although potatoes are considered to be the main food in many countries of the world. In Europe, potatoes are made not only as vegetables, but also by cultivating a variety of delicious foods. These include starch, potato mill, dextrose, alcohol and so on. Potato chips, dried potatoes, French fries and canned potatoes are also available through processing. In the European region, potatoes are consumed more frequently in the US and Canada than in the United States. Find out great ideas for decorating a house with different trees.

Potato chips

Although the main use of potatoes in Bangladesh is vegetables, varieties are now being made with potatoes. Notable foods made from potatoes are fried potatoes, fried potatoes, sliced ​​potatoes, potato bread, potato wedges, potato chops, potato singara, potato chips, French fries. Recently, bakery and fast food shops across the country have begun to make delicious dishes with potatoes.

French fries with potatoes

The nutritional quality of potatoes

Potatoes have many nutrients

Every 5 grams of potatoes are in-

Sugar —— Ingram

Ash ——— 2.2 grams

Protein ———— 2 grams

Mineral salt — 12 g

Vitamins A, B, C —- 12 g

Potatoes are available to buy in the market at Baromas. But if you want fresh and adulterated potatoes, you can cultivate potatoes on the roof or porch of your home.

There are two ways to grow potatoes on the roof –

১. Tub / container.

  1. Plastic basket with big holes.

Selection of places

  • Choose places that have lots of light air circulation.
  • Determine where the sun is in the morning. Do not set the place for sunset only at noon.

Cultivation in tub / container

  • The height of the container should be 2-4 feet and the capacity should be 5-7 liters.
  • Boil 1/4-inch bottom of each container to drain excess water.
  • Choose a medium sized tub. It can plant 5 saplings.

Plant potatoes in a container

Soil preparation and seed selection

  • Soil, sandy loam soil has to be selected. The soil should contain a large amount of organic fertilizer.
  • Well-fertilized sunny soil with adequate moisture in the soil is suitable for planting potatoes.
  • It is inappropriate to use compost on the ground. It increases the incidence of disease. Instead, it is better to mix the dung and mix it well with the soil.
  • Mix the soil and fertilizer in 2 to 2 percent. Take compost, phosphate, potash as fertilizer.
  • Mix well with the fertilizers in the soil. Equate the direction on the ground.
  • If the soil is dry, soak it with water.
  • Take the seeds / cutting seedlings. The seeds are available at any nursery.
  • Cutting seedlings can be collected from old potatoes. In that case, cut the potato shoots into cubes with 2 to 2 inches of potatoes and leave them on top. It should be kept in a shaded area.
  • The seeds should be sown at a distance of 1/3 inch in the ground. The ideal time for sowing sweet potato seeds is from mid-October to mid-November.
  • Cover the top of the seeds with a 1/4 inch soil mixture.
  • When used in the soil, the soil moisture will be maintained.

Thus, it is possible to cultivate potatoes in plastic polybags as well

Cultivation in baskets

  • Take a basket and a large bucket that is larger than the basket.
  • Combine cocopit, dung, compost and make fertilizer. Cocopit should be 5%, dung 25%, compost 20%.
  • Plant potato seeds or cutting seedlings in a basket and place them in the bucket.
  • When the potatoes are grown, lift the basket and collect the potatoes through the holes.

Cultivating potatoes in baskets

Applying fertilizer

  • For potato cultivation in tubs or containers, it is recommended to have gypsum, TSP, mop, urea ratio of 1: 2: 3: 1. Besides, a mixture of sulphate and boron fertilizer should be mixed.
  • Gypsum, TSP, mop, urea should be provided for cultivating potato in the field by 5 kg, 5 kg, 12 kg, 12 kg respectively and zing sulphate 1 kg and boron fertilizers should be used.
  • Half urea, half mop and full TSP are mixed together to give the seeds to the fertilizer drain next to the potato sowing.
  • The remaining fertilizer should be applied within 3-5 days of planting.
  • Gypsum, zinc sulphate and boron fertilizer are sprinkled with the soil during the last cultivation.
  • If there is a magnesium deficiency in the soil then the magnesium should be provided during the last cultivation.

Irrigation and drainage

  • Once the head of the tree is clear after planting, fertilizer should be applied by applying fertilizer. It should be given within 7 days of planting.
  • Depending on the presence of soil juice, it should be irrigated 3-4 times as needed.
  • Irrigation must be done when the tuber is formed after 7 days.

This is the most effective method for farming in tubs / containers. Because potatoes can be cultivated again on this soil.

After about 6 weeks the leaves of the potato tree begin to turn yellow.

Potatoes can be eaten as an alternative to rice. There is no pair of potatoes to relieve stress.

So eat potatoes, cultivate potatoes on the roof of your house to stay healthy!


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