Polylactic acid, collagen stimulator in buttocks

The use of L-Polylactic acid causes an increase in the amount of new collagen in the treated region, it is a very powerful and effective stimulus, which provides a real rejuvenation for our face. Already in the body, we can improve sagging in the inner face of arms and thighs, buttocks and abdomen and in addition to sagging, soft cellulite can be treated by replenishing the volume in the most depressed areas

It is not simply a product for facial filler, in fact, it promotes an increase in the amount of new collagen and thus brings a real rejuvenation of the treated places.

We have seen results with great satisfaction in the treatment of sagging face and arms, abdominal sagging (after thinning or sagging after pregnancy), sagging bumbum skin and thighs.


What are the advantages of L-Polylactic acid?

  • It is a totally biocompatible product with skin tissue, not causing allergic reactions.
  • It is totally decomposed, so there are no future risks regarding the presence of the product.
  • The collagen that is formed lasts 2 years or more, depending on each person.
  • The results obtained with poly-L-lactic acid are safe and very natural, as it follows the natural shapes and contours of our skin.
  • The number of sessions and the amount of the product varies around three treatment sessions, but the first results can already be seen after 45 days of the first session.

The biggest advantage of its application is that the modifications and rejuvenation of your skin occur gradually, at each new session. The results, in addition to being very effective, look very natural.

The (L-Polylactic acid) in the area of ​​the treated skin levels the holes, the substance also stimulates the production of collagen and increases the thickness of the skin, leaving it firmer . Normally, up to two applications are indicated, sometimes three to four in more severe cases. The interval between them is 30 to 40 days , to allow time for the skin fibers to reorganize and produce more collagen. After the procedure, it is necessary to avoid the sun for a week and do massages at the application site.

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