Exilis Elite, electronic treatment for facial sagging

It is important to note that sagging is characterized by the loss of the skin’s supporting fibers (collagen and elastin), and may have causes such as excessive sun exposure, improper feeding, hormonal alterations, genetic influence, sedentary lifestyle, Smoking, stress and weight variations. When the metabolism of the cells decreases, signs such as aging and sagging become visible. One of the most effective technologies in the world to combat facial sagging is called Exilis Elite .

Increases metabolism c é cells and promotes electronic treatment for facial flaccidity.

How does it work?

The technology of the apparatus associates three types of radiofrequency, which allows to reach deep levels of the skin and increase the function of the metabolism of the cells. The increased functioning of the cells contributes to the burning of accumulated fat. The electromagnetic waves of the radiofrequency stimulate the rupture of triglycerides (main fats of the organism) inside the cells, causing the fat to be eliminated through the lymphatic system?, Explains the specialist. Another advantage is that, with the heating emitted by radiofrequency, it provides an increase in the production of collagen and elastin, fibers responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The electromagnetic waves of the device are more specific and act in a directed manner in the area to be treated. With that,


What are the most indicated areas?

In addition to the face, where the Exilis Elite promotes an electronic micro facelift, it can be done in areas such as neck, neck, abdomen, buttocks, thighs.

It is painful?

In no way, what can happen is a sensation of warming on the skin, which can cause redness and swelling. However, a few hours after the sessions, these symptoms disappear.

How many sessions are recommended?

Only after an evaluation with a trained professional is it possible to accurately measure the number of sessions. On average, in the facial region, four sessions are indicated, with intervals of one or two weeks between each. Is there a contraindication? Yes. Exilis Elite is not recommended for those who use pacemakers or metal implants. Pregnant women cannot do the treatment either. Radio frequency for localized fat, ultrasound, laser hair removal, pulsed light, fractional laser and any other type of anti-cellulite, stria and scar treatments are prohibited for pregnant women.

What can I expect from the treatment?

As it is a cutting-edge technology, which adds three types of radiofrequency, the Exilis Elite promotes an immediate lifting effect, with a high degree of patient satisfaction. The treatment still provides a lasting cinderella effect, rejuvenating face, neck and neck.

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