Walkthrough Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Comprehensive guide to all Aliens: Fireteam Elite story campaigns and missions with secret container locations and tips for eliminating enemies

After the introductory video, chat with First Lieutenant Santos and Staff Sergeant Herrera. After that, you can choose the first story campaign.

Main priority

You are sent to the Katanga factory, where the distress signal comes from. We need to find and rescue Dr. Timothy Honikker, a scientist from Weiland-Yutani.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Task 01. Login

You can complete tasks in a group with friends, random gamers or bots. The team consists of three people, including you. After the start, move along the marker and download data from the computer, holding down the F key. Continue moving to the sensor, after which you will find the first opponents. Xenomorphs quickly and constantly jump from wall to ceiling or floor. In general, they act chaotically. After the destruction of the first opponents (there will be two waves – first on one side of the corridor, and then on the other, where you came from). A little further a new enemy will appear – a Xenomorph Demoman. Do not let him get close to you, and try to kill from a distance, because in case of death or when approaching the main characters, he will explode.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

At the end of the new wave of xenomorphs, a spit will appear in the huge hall. Watch him carefully, constantly move from side to side. He likes to hide in cover, then go out and quickly spit acid at stormtroopers, and then repeat the actions. Please note that opponents will go not only from the far end of the corridor, but also to the side, to the right of your position. A little later, the Xenomorph Hunter will appear. You will meet several opponents of this type at once at the location. They usually hide behind corners, hang motionless from the ceiling, but immediately attack you. So never take your time and look around.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

However, the most dangerous enemy is the Xenomorph Soldier. Beware of him, as he will cause a lot of problems. Use somersaults on Space and never let him get close to you. And there will also be Xenomorph Drones. Such aliens attack stealthily, after which they run away and hide in the ventilation, until a few seconds later they again attack one of the infantrymen. Do not forget to search the container and use the found equipment through the weapon wheel (key C). Pick up first aid kits that can be applied to yourself or your teammates using the “4” key. Finally, remember about the combat abilities of the selected class. For example, a medic can increase the effectiveness of the weapon of the entire team (key E) and establish a healing station. Its stock is 3000 units. Each picked up first aid kit restores 750.

As for the secret container, it is located in the second half of the mission, in a spacious two-story hall where you fight many xenomorphs. Look for the container in the far left corner, on the second floor, not far from the door that leads to the largest round room with some kind of device on the left hand.

Task 02. Salvation

Note. While exploring the base, you can see different markers. Some lead to additional conversations, while others lead to functions. But to start the next task, each time you need to press ESC and select the desired campaign and mission. If you want to complete tasks alone, with bots, in this case, select the “Closed” option in the “Matchmaking” column on the task screen.

We continue to search for Honikker aboard the Katanga. Follow the marker, kill the xenomorphs and connect to the network. Continue driving and climb the stairs to the upper bridge to reach the interlock release device. When you start the process of unblocking, the enemies will be trampled. Moreover, they will appear from all four passes. As soon as you are asked to find the valve, look for a secret container in the left far room on the left hand. Perhaps there is a moment of randomness in their location, but I had a container in the same place twice in this mission. Install the valve and turn it while the two partners are defending.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Keep driving. When you click on the remote to open the inner door, exit into a huge corridor. There will be an ammunition box in front, and intelligence data is on the table to the left. You can pick them up. Fight off opponents until the Elite Drone appears. This is Monica, whom Honikker is so afraid of. So, it acts similarly to ordinary Drones: it rushes at one of the members of the squad, beats him, and then hides in the ventilation. Fight off Monica for the first time and continue on your way. At the end of the mission, you will have to fight off a huge wave of xenomorphs, as well as destroy Monica herself. When you hear a scream, know – Monica is somewhere nearby and runs towards the detachment of marines. This is your chance to damage her. Don’t forget about common enemies as well. The quest will end after you kill Monica and finish off the xenomorphs that have appeared.

Task 03. Salvation

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

It would be more correct to call this task “Evacuation”. Follow through the flooded room until you find yourself at a fork. The first enemy group will go along the corridor in front, but when you hear that the enemy is approaching from the flanks, split up. Let each of you be responsible for your own corridor. Further actions do not lead to a stupor. Move from marker to marker until you find yourself at the landing ship. As soon as you exit the hangar, head up the steps on the left to find a secret container.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

After that, go around the ship, prepare for battle and start the depressurization process. Continue to fend off the xenomorphs until asked to relieve pressure. Walk a little to the right to find a descent down, and follow there. Turn the valve and return upstairs to continue the battle with the xenomorphs. Then you will need to climb the stairs to the left and use another remote control. At the end, you will be asked to go to the control center – this is at the very end, from where the xenomorphs run. Get there, use the panel, and quickly return to the landing ship as many xenomorph soldiers will appear. Fighting them is difficult and pointless.

Giants underground

Task 01. Disembarkation

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

There will be no new enemies or mechanics in this mission. Follow through the caves. The gray setting creates ideal conditions for the xenomorphs, which are barely visible on the ceiling and walls of the cave. Move from marker to marker. If you find boxes with ammunition, then they are sure to be followed by some kind of major battle. After it, be sure to take a moment and return to the boxes to restore ammunition. I found the secret container near the second ammo crate, in a room with a circular hole in the floor. You can go down there, and a container can be hidden there.

Task 02. Contact

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Move through the cave and fight the aliens in the large hall with a huge stone head. There is nothing special here: ordinary aliens and a few hunters will appear. You will soon reach the remote control. Restore ammunition, be sure to open the container with the loot, and then activate the remote control. Kill multiple opponents including fuses, spitters, hunters and one soldier. Be sure to take cartridges after the battle. Move towards the exit. A drone will appear here, so watch it closely and make timely dodges. There is an intelligence container in the next corridor in the right wing. You can pick them up.

A little later, new enemies will appear – synths. They use firearms. Try to aim for their heads. There will also be synths with shields: dodge and attack from behind. Try to set synths on xenomorphs and vice versa. There will be a long battle at the end. Several snipers will appear. It’s best to get close to him. You can shoot enemies with shields directly in the face – aim at the window at the top of the shield. One Soldier will appear at the end. When you hold out, go to the door to complete the mission.

Task 03. Evacuation

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Deal with the synths in the spacious hall, but keep in mind that at the end of the battle, xenomorphs (only ordinary ones) will appear. Destroy synths in other rooms. In one of them, you need to pick up the kernel dropped from the synth and install it on the control panel. After that, interact with her again to launch a wave of synths and xenomorphs. Go through the room with the hard workers. If you move slowly, then do not wake anyone up. But is it so interesting?

Move on. Soon you will be asked to find the synth core. This item can only be dropped by Caped Synth Observers. When you pick it up, install it on the terminal and launch it to start the battle with a new enemy wave. In the last room, you will need to pick up two cores of synth observers and install them in two different servers. Remember that you can only transfer one core. Also, in the case of the second server, dangerous enemies will appear – thugs and incinerators. Take your time and don’t let them get close to you. Especially for incinerators. You can also find intelligence information under the left server. Upon returning to the base, talk to the sergeant.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Gift of fire

Task 01. Intelligence

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Kill the regular xenomorphs and move on. When you learn the synth memory, you will have to destroy a decent swarm of xenomorphs. In the end, even a drone will appear. Then set up a laser scanner and fend off the xenomorph attack. Cross the bridge to the other side and look to the right for a secret container (this is a potential location). When you install the scanner next time, keep in mind that the first wave of enemies will come from the far end of the room, and the second – from its beginning, that is, you will need to run across to the other end. Install the laser in one more place, then go to the Aliens building and start the door control panel. At the end, the Crushers will begin to appear. Their head is well protected, so try to attack in the torso or generally from behind. Unlike drones, they will not kill anywhere, nor will they pick you up with their front paws, how the Soldiers do it. When the time is up, finish off the remaining opponents and go to the door.

Task 02. Promotion

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Kill the first opponents, follow on and clear the hall with the soldier. Install the EMI device and hold positions. Keep moving and destroy opponents. After activating the remote control, you will need to protect the door. Then go through it and climb higher. Take your time to follow through the door marked with a marker. Opposite her there is a descent to the balcony with a secret container. Stand in the center of the last room, install a laser and kill all enemies. At the very end there will be a very long battle with a couple of drones and two soldiers. Then open the door to reveal a huge ship.

Task 03. On board

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

From the very beginning, you will face new opponents. It will be necessary to destroy small white insects, which are very agile and too small, which makes aiming difficult. Infected people resembling fast zombies will also appear. Unblock the ladder, clear the corridors from the usual enemies of a new type and replenish the ammunition. Examine the damaged synth and repel the attack of zombies and aliens. At the end, a lion will appear, which uses invisibility, although it can still be seen if desired.

Get to the remote and access its memory. Fight off enemies until the door opens. At the very end, you need to activate the remote control, and then shoot the orange spots on the capacitors under the ceiling. Do this for all marked capacitors. Let one of you deal with these devices, and the other two characters must destroy mutants.

The only way out

Task 01. Undermining

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Go down the corridor and replenish the ammo of the turrets to make it easier to destroy the xenomorphs. In the next room, kill the synths. Clear the hall and infiltrate the network. There is an ammunition box nearby. Note that while you are fighting off, several observers and two incinerators will appear in the room. Get to the corridor with two turrets. Replenish their ammunition and repel the attack of the xenomorphs. Do the same in the warehouse. Keep driving. Destroy the cocoons in the container room. A secret box can be found behind the containers on the right. A difficult battle awaits you. Install the repeater in two locations. At the end, a new enemy will appear. Dodge as often as possible and don’t let him get close to you.

Task 02. Search

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

Continue through the ship, destroying enemies and eggs. Remember that the best way to kill the Crushers is to shoot at the yellow thing on the back of their head. Don’t even try to attack head-on! In the end, you have to fight three Praetorians (destroyers) at once, so be careful and attentive.

Task 03. Kill the Queen

Aliens Fireteam Elite Walkthrough

This is the final task of the game. move forward, destroy the eggs and gain access to the terminal. At the very end of the mission, you will find yourself on the platform. You will need to activate four terminals one at a time. After each of them there will be a battle with xenomorphs and a countdown for 140-150 seconds. After the fourth terminal, despite the appearance of the Queen, run from marker to marker to return to the elevator at the set time. The campaign is over!

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