What Are Polarized Lens;10 Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses

A polarized lens is a kind of vertical filter that blocks the sunlight that reaches the eyes horizontally.Polarized glasses  allow you to be more secure, more relaxed and more comfortable against sunlight.Sunlight does not reach the eye through a straight line, but from all possible directions. It becomes particularly “unpleasant” when reflected on flat surfaces, as it causes visual fatigue and glare.

For whom are polarized lenses indicated?

For all users, because …

  • Avoid unpleasant glare on the sidewalk, puddles, road
  • Avoid dangerous effects when driving the car
  • Avoid visual fatigue

But they are especially indicated for:

  • Users who are in contact with sea areas (beach, surf …)
  • Users who drive a lot
  • Users that like the color definition.

What are they used for?

Polarized crystals are mostly used for driving or practicing outdoor sports . For example: cycling, fishing (because they eliminate glare and improve contrast), navigation and mountain.Polarized sunglasses are also recommended for refractive surgery postoperatives. Most people who suffer from photophobia also use this type of lens.

Advantages of Polarized sunglasses

  1. Vision without reflections
  2. Superior sharpnessand contrast
  3. Total protectionagainst UV rays
  4. Colors that look more natural
  5. Reduction of eye fatigue and improve the ability to concentrate at the wheel
  6. Lightweight and resistant lenses that provide more comfort and safety
  7. Suitable for people with high sensitivity to light
  8. They exist with and without graduation: progressive lenses
  9. They can be manufactured in combination with other features, such as: photochromic and polarized lenses, for example: Serengeti sun glasses
  10. Also ideal for children  because of its combination of protection and superior vision.

Polarized lenses and driving

One of the biggest advantages of polarized sunglasses is that  it has a preventive effect on accidents.

  • Less fatigue
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Increased ability to anticipate changing traffic conditions
  • Less reaction time
  • Shorter braking distance: up to 7 meters driving at 80 km / h.

With polarized glasses  natural vision is recovered, which naturally  improvements in driving: greater safety and more reflections.

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