What Is Graphene;10 Uses of Graphene You Must Know

Graphene is obtained from carbon. This material arises when very small carbon particles are grouped very dense in  two-dimensional sheets.It is one of the allotropic forms of carbon. It is a two-dimensional material, where each carbon atom is joined to three other carbon atoms by sp2 bonds to form a flat sheet with a honeycomb.

What is graphene for?

The properties of graphene come from its particular structure, and are surprising. Graphene is:

  • Super strong
  • Rigid
  • Very thin
  • Almost transparent
  • Very light
  • Great conductor of light and electricity.

Usefulness of Graphene

  • In order to get an idea of ​​how many different fields graphene can be applied to, it is necessary to take a look around us and see everything that surrounds us. Computers, cars, mobile phones and music equipment in which graphene could be applied.
  • Due to its properties, graphene can serve as material in the manufacture of airplanes, space satellites or automobiles.
  • Also in the construction of buildings, it would make them more resistant.
  • its capacity to store energy is remarkable. It can provide the batteries with a longer duration and a shorter charging time.
  • We must not forget its relevance in the field of health. The graphene prosthesis could replace the current, of various materials. Or it could even be applied to improve the treatment of some diseases.
  • Graphene is capable of generating electricity through solar energy , which makes it a very compatible material in the field of clean energy. if the solar panels were built with graphene, they could generate several times more energy per hour than the current ones.
  • it is a very hard material, resistant, flexible and very light ; what allows to mold it according to the needs of each case. It conducts both heat and electricity very well; and remains in very stable conditions when subjected to great pressures.

Currently, graphene is sold in two forms: sheet and powder. What is the difference between them?

  • Graphene foil: itis of high quality and is used in fields such as electronics, computers or even aeronautics, where a very resistant material is required. Its production is currently very expensive.
  • Graphene powder:used in those areas that do not require a high quality material. Its obtaining process is cheaper and allows a greater production of the product, but renouncing part of its properties.

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