Poaching In Cooking

Among the cooking methods, one of the most common is poaching or poaching, which translates as cooking food in a liquid at a temperature below the boiling point (100º C at sea level). This is the main difference between poaching and blanching, blanching is done in the boiling liquid and in a short time.


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The liquid medium used for poaching can be water, broth, milk, sauce, butter, etc., it will depend on the ingredient you want to poach and the recipe you want to make. The poaching temperature, as we have indicated, should be below the boiling point. There are foods that give better results using this culinary technique if they are cooked at around 60º C, but in poaching, a controlled temperature of 80º C is usually used, which is also known as mijoter spot.


The ideal foods for this cooking method are those that have a high protein content and are firm, such as fish and meats , thus ensuring that they retain their shape, that they do not lose much volume and that they are juicy, but as long as the temperature is controlled, because if it is lower than the indicated, the proteins dissolve and the raw material will be somewhat watered down and less tasty, and if it is higher, the proteins expand and the raw material loses its shape, being able to crumble. Also, with too high a temperature, it is easy for the outside of the food to be dry and the inside to be fully cooked (and not very juicy).


For this reason it is common for vinegar to be incorporated into the poach, as it helps keep the proteins together. This is the case of the elaboration of the traditional poached eggs, which, when cooked without the shell, need help in order for the proteins to unite as soon as possible. This does not mean that the proteins harden thanks to the acid of the vinegar as many think, on the contrary, it may even result in a softer texture, but the vinegar participates in an early coagulation of the protein at lower temperatures.

To strike out

The term pochar is used more often with vegetables , when we prepare a sofrito and onion, peppers, tomatoes, etc., they are cooking in their own juice and generally in the fatty medium used, which is usually oil.

There are foods that we want to poach and that we must introduce into the cooking liquid at room temperature and heat slowly up to 80º C, controlling by means of a thermometer that the temperature is maintained, generally done with whole pieces. On the other hand, when chopped or filleted foods are poached, they are incorporated into the cooking liquid once it has reached the necessary temperature. The cooking time will always depend on the raw material to be used and its size.

For example, some eggs take 3 or 4 minutes to poach, fruits and vegetables between 8 and 10 minutes, fish about 15 minutes per kilo, red meats can be cooked with 1 hour of cooking per kilo of weight, while the white meat reduce their time to 45 minutes per kilo. But remember that these times are indicative, everything will depend on the qualities of the raw material and the desired result.


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