What Pimps – Complete Borderlands 3 Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

Before returning to Eden-6 to speak with Clay and continue our complete guide , we can carry out a secondary mission aboard the Sanctuary, which we indicate below.

What rascals

  • The Kevin case: Claptrap entrusts us with a task based on taking a freezing weapon and attacking with it the small monsters named Kevin as long as they become blocks of ice to collect and finally throw them through the gate that is indicated to us.

When talking to Clay, he will give us a special weapon called the ” Rogue “, which allows us to discover nearby loot, among other skills. We can use it if we have level 26 to fulfill the optional objectives before heading to Barrizámbar . In this new area we go to the Granujacueva and examine the corpses to obtain a security card. It will not be enough, so we will have to communicate with other agents in order to have their security cards.

There is little more to say, except remember to bring the special revolver to detect rogue marks as necessary. Finally we will arrive at Archimedes, who has the fragment of the key of the Chamber that we need, to take it to Tannis in the ship.


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