The Family Jewel – Complete Borderlands 3 Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

After the previous mission and before heading to talk to Hammerlock, we can get some side quests from Clay and complete them (in addition to others from Trusted NPCs). We detail it below as part of this complete guide .

The Family Jewel

  • Gluttony Games: Clay will ask us to go to Camp Tyreen to finish off the two Calypso Siamese teams. On top of that, we simply escort a bomb and shoot its mount as soon as it jams.
  • Swampy Tron:Chadd will ask us to finish off three groups and collect their guts to give them to them. After that, we follow the ally to finish with 3 saurians and finally we fulfill his crazy requests until he disappears and we can obtain his special pistol.
  • Dynasty at home: Eden-6: for this mission we will have to deliver the hamburgers that we collect in the indicated locations with a time limit and the faster we do it the better we will charge. We will get extra time if we destroy the competition posters along the way.

Now, yes, we continue with the main mission by talking to Hammerlock, who will ask us to go to the Ravenous Canopy . Once there we finish with the tyrant to get BALEX out of his interior, a chatty teddy bear. This will guide us through the facilities in search of the fragment of the camera key.

To achieve this, after overcoming various phases of battle and closed doors, we will arrive before the final boss of this area: GenIVIV . It is a great robot that will create a kind of barrier through which we will not be able to attack. To do so, we simply cross them and shoot from there. In our case, the battle was not complicated at all due to having a good shield and corrosive weapons, the best enemy against robots.

Once we finish with it we return to the Sanctuary and there we will discover that the robot has not yet died and is preparing to attack us, so we must go to the bridge to finally finish it (without the need to fight). To end the mission we simply handed the fragment of the camera to Tannis.


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