Picón cheese

Picon cheese .The Picon cheese is a Spanish blue cheese that is produced in the region of Liebana in Cantabria .

Appellation of origin

It is a cheese with a protected designation of origin since 1994 . Traditionally it has been known as Picón de Tresviso and Picón de Bejes cheese , until its regulation unified the name for all the cheeses produced in the area and which includes the following municipalities: Cabezón de Liébana , Camaleño , Cillorigo de Liébana , Peñarrubia , Pesaguero , Potes , Tresviso and Vega de Liébana . The towns of Tresviso and Bejesthey are the ones that have traditionally monopolized most of the production and give the cheese its name. This cheese is similar to others that are produced in different areas of the Picos de Europa such as Queso de Cabrales , Asturias or Queso de Valdeón , León province . All of them are cured in a similar way in caves located in the mountains of the Picos de Europa .


It is shaped like a cylinder. Its height is 7 to 15 cm; its diameter, from 15 to 20 cm; its weight, from 700-2,800 g. The bark is thin, gray and with greenish-yellow areas. The paste is creamy, compact and with eyes, white in color with greenish blue areas and streaks. Its flavor is slightly spicy. Like the rest of blue cheeses , it has Penicillium crops in its paste that provide its characteristic color and flavor due to molds . It is made with milk from both cow , sheep and goat hence it is known by the nickname of “Tres Leches”. Milk of the following species and breeds is used:

  • Bovine: toudanca, brown-alpine and friesian
  • Sheep: lacha
  • Caprina: Pyreneanand Goat of the Picos de Europa .

This cheese was traditionally marketed wrapped in banana leaves, although due to the regulations, it is currently marketed wrapped in gold foil and with the legends “Picón Bejes Tresviso”, with an identifying label on which its composition and the number of Health Registry, the logos of the PDO Picón Bejes Tresviso and a correlative number to each piece that is manufactured.


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