In everyday life, we always communicate in social activities and activities. In establishing this communication we have a variety of objectives.

One of the goals of communicating is to convey influence to our interlocutors, or it can be said that we want to influence others through language. The form of speech or composition used to invite or influence others is called persuasion.

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Understanding Persuasion

The term persuasion comes from the English word persuasion . The word persuasion itself is derived from the word to persuade which means to persuade or convince.

So, the essay of persuasion is an essay that contains persuasion, empowerment, or empowerment that is able to arouse the readiness of the reader or interlocutor to believe and obey the implicit and explicit appeals conveyed by the author. Or it can also be interpreted as essays relating to problems in influencing others through language.

Persuasion is an essay intended to influence the attitudes and opinions of readers about something that is conveyed by the author (Yunus and Suparno, 2004: 112). Persuasion writing aims to convince the reader to do what the writer wants.

Like arguments, persuasion also uses evidence or facts. It’s just that, in the persuasion of the evidence is used appropriately or sometimes even manipulated in order to gain the reader’s confidence that what the writer conveyed is true.

Another understanding of persuasion is an invitation to persuade readers or listeners depending on what people do persuasion. If in one sentence is an invitation sentence then the sentence is referred to as a persuasion sentence.

Meanwhile, if in a paragraph there is an invitation then it is also called the persuasion paragraph. In addition there is also a direct invitation to speech, so persuasion is not for the reader but for the listener.

Purpose of Persuasion

As has been explained in terms of persuasion, the purpose of persuasion itself is to influence or invite the reader to trust, do or do what is conveyed.

There are several things that can indicate that an utterance or sentence contains persuasion or invitation that is like the word come on, come on, try it, do it and many others.

Characteristics of Persuasion

Persuasion words or sentences certainly have their own characteristics or characteristics and are different from ordinary words or sentences. In a paragraph that can be seen in written form we can find out some of the characteristics of persuasion, namely as follows:

    • Persuasion has reasons as well as facts when inviting someone a reader or listener
    • There are words or sentences that try to convince the reader
    • Sentences or invitations conveyed are made by avoiding conflicts with the listener so that the purpose of inviting can be achieved
    • Persuasion paragraphs use a lot of invitation words like the words come on, let’s, try, do it, and so on.
    • Persuasion paragraphs are generally used by the media, producers of certain products or other political purposes because the persuasion paragraph is the most effective way to influence the reader.
    • The language used is generally made provocative, interesting, and enthusiastic. This is done so that the reader is more confident.
    • Make the reader more confident with interesting explanations.
    • Trying to come up with an agreement or adjustment through the writer’s trust with the reader.
    • Showing facts and even data as an argument argument

Language Rules of Persuasion Text

    1. Use words of persuasion such as important, must, appropriate, and so forth.
    2. Using imperative verbs for example make it, should be, watch out.
    3. Use technical words or terms related to the topic.
    4. Using argumentative conjunctions, for example, if, because, as such, cause, effect, therefore and so on

Types of Persuasion Paragraphs

Based on its function, persuasion paragraphs can be divided into 4 types of persuasion paragraphs, including:

  1. Political Persuasion Paragraph

Political persuasion paragraphs are paragraphs whose contents try to invite or influence the reader to do something or participate in politics. This type of paragraph is very widely used by people with political political interests in the interests of the party or the interests of the state .

  1. Educational Persuasion Paragraphs

Paragraph persuasion pendididkan is a paragraph that is used by agencies or people who are in education for the purpose of helping the world of education. This paragraph is generally in the form of appeals, suggestions, motivation or can also be a guide. Generally this paragraph is used by teachers to influence their students so that they are active in learning.

  1. Advertence Persuasion Paragraphs

Advertency persuasion paragraphs are used for commercial purposes which are usually used by certain product producers to introduce goods or services to consumers .

This advertising persuasion has the aim to market goods or services so that buyers or consumers want to buy the goods or services offered. This advertence persuasion paragraph is often referred to as advertising . While good ads are those that can stimulate or influence consumers to buy goods or use the services offered and vice versa.

  1. Propoganda Persuasion Paragraph

Propoganda persuasion paragraphs generally convey an information that aims to make the reader want to believe or do what is conveyed by the author in that paragraph. Propoganda persuasion is generally commonly found in print media such as magazines, newspapers and others.

Terms of the Persuasion Paragraph

It can be said as a symbol or a persuasion paragraph if there are the following conditions including:

  1. Word Choice

The most striking thing that can describe a persuasion paragraph is the choice of words. The choice and writing of words in a persuasion paragraph should be of an invitation or influence to the reader. The choice of words in this paragraph is very important and must be interesting.

  1. Ability to process emotions

Furthermore, the requirement that must be in the persuasion paragraph is that it must be able to process the emotions of the reader. The point is that the reader is able to inflame or muffle the emotions of the reader through writing that is made, especially for texts of political persuasion or other types of propaganda.

  1. Evidence (fact)

The next requirement is the existence of evidence or facts that serve to strengthen the ideas written in the text of persuasion. So that the reader trusts and believes in the contents conveyed.

Persuasion Essay Development Tool

To compose a good and effective persuasion essay very much needs the ability to create persuasion, where the tools for developing a persuasion essay are as follows:

    1. Language

Language is a communication tool that is very flexible in carrying out its functions. The point is that language can be used by the user for any purpose as long as it is still within the limits of its function as a communication tool. In relation to persuasion, language can be used to influence others both verbally (listener) and in writing (reader).

    1. Tone

The tone referred to in this case is the tone of the conversation which is related to the author’s attitude in conveying his message or idea. The author must determine the tone of his persuasion. The author must also be able to imagine what the response is to the reader.

    1. Details

In persuasion essays, this detail is quite important in its position as a tool for developing persuasion. What is meant by detail is a description of the main idea down to the smallest part. Good details are details that are essential in supporting the purpose of persuasion.

    1. Organization

This organization deals with the problem of setting details in an essay. In persuasion, detailed regulation is to use the principle of “changing beliefs and views”. The meaning of these details is that no matter what the arrangements we must try to be able to direct the beliefs and views of the reader or listener.

    1. Authority

Authority can also be referred to as a persuasion tool, because authority is concerned with the “acceptance and awareness” of the reader to the author. An author is trusted by the reader as an authorized person if he has the legal basis to occupy a certain position, struggling in a particular field of science, and is able to show a quality mindset.

For example, if an official is said to have legal authority. If a scholar is considered professional authority, and if we are not officials, not (not yet) scholars, but our mindset is good, then we can be considered to have the authority to make persuasion based on the quality of our good thinking patterns.

Elements of a Persuasion Essay

Whether or not a persuasion essay can be known is based on the elements that make up the persuasion essay itself. Important elements that must be considered in writing an essay include:

    1. Table of contents

Is an idea that underlies the whole essay, which includes the authenticity of ideas, the operation of ideas, the suitability of the contents with the purpose of writing, persuasive and the ability to develop topics thoroughly, in detail, and singly.

    1. Linguistic aspects

These aspects of language can include things such as :

        • Clarity of information thus does not give rise to a double interpretation for the reader;
        • accuracy of diction. Diction is an important element, both in the field of writing or in the world of speech in everyday life. In an essay, diction can also be interpreted as the author’s choice of words to describe a story. To be able to produce an interesting story, through a choice of words, a good diction must also meet the requirements including the choice of words including understanding what words should be used, the choice of words to distinguish precisely the nuances of meaning of the ideas to be conveyed, the choice of words exact and appropriate from a number of vocabulary words.
        • The correct use of spelling used in accordance with the guidelines on enhanced spelling.
    1. This good writing technique consists of the regularity of the order of ideas, the relation of the title to the content, the neatness of the form of the essay, and the general impression that is of interest to the reader as well as the cohesive essay.

Example of Persuasion Text

Avoid Bird News (Hoax)

Alinea Pembuka

Hoaxes are very dangerous for the life of the nation and state society as well as large countries in Indonesia which have eastern customs.

Alinea Penjelas

There are so many examples of Middle Eastern countries affected by the issue of hoaxes that clash between religion and nation. Even the conflicts that did not continue to end, but none of the positive things that can be drawn from the conflict. Win to ash lose to charcoal.

Alinea Penutup

The negative impact is huge, Beware don’t want Indonesia to be the next Syrian. Avoid hoax news and don’t feel right about yourself, respect the person you’re talking to or someone with a different opinion. Believe that civil war will not make you comfortable like now, for example, free school, worship, mingle and others.


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