Developed country and developing country

Understanding Developed & Developing Countries

The economic condition of society in a country is a term whether the country is a developed, developing or underdeveloped country. Generally the benchmarks commonly used to assess a country whether including developed or developing countries through the PNB or per capita income levels of the community.


Developed countries vs. developing countries
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Actually there are still many indicators whether a country is classified as developed, developing or underdeveloped. Developed countries is a term pinned to countries that have higher standards of living, especially in the fields of science and technology and have equitable economic development.

From the brief description above, it can be concluded that a developed country is a country where its people have a high quality of life and a high level of welfare.

While developing countries is a term pinned on a country to describe a country with a developing economic, technological and standard of living. Actually not found permanently using the internationally recognized definition of developing countries.


  1. Gross National Product (GNP)

Per capita income is the most important indicator to determine a country is said to be prosperous if its people have a high GNP. A benchmark that is often used is to divide the total annual income of the country by the total population of the country. When the results show above 10.726 US years the country is said to be prosperous, and vice versa.

However, a high level of GNP is not the only determinant of a country’s prosperity. For example in a country with a high GNP level, but in that country there is a civil war that causes many deaths, suffering and insecurity, then the country cannot be categorized as a developed country 1

  1. Livelihood structure of the workforce

If the percentage of the labor force in the sector that produces basic commodities is higher, then, the country is categorized as a developing country, conversely if the percentage of the labor force in the service sector is higher, then the country is categorized as a developed country

  1. Unemployment rate

Generally the level of unemployment in developed countries is lower when compared to developing countries. Labor productivity can be determined through the entire production for 1 year divided by the total workforce. If the results show higher labor force productivity, then it is classified as a developed country, and vice versa.

  1. Number of poor people

The level of welfare in a country can be seen from the poverty rate. A country is said to be prosperous if the level of poverty of the people is low or few, and vice versa

  1. Infant and maternal mortality rates

One of the differences between developed and developing countries is the death rate of babies and mothers giving birth. Generally in developed countries infant and maternal mortality rates are relatively low, this is because the people are able to buy drugs and health services and nutritious food. Conversely, in developing countries the infant and maternal mortality rates are relatively higher. This is due to the population being unable to buy medicine and nutritious food and services.

  1. Literacy numbers

The intended literacy rate is the percentage of the population that can read & write. Generally, in developed countries, literacy rates are high and illiteracy rates are low, and vice versa. 2

Characteristics of Developing and Developing Countries

As explained above the indicators of a developed country are not only determined by the Gross National Product and the Per capita Income of the people. This is based on the fact that there are a number of countries that have high GDP through exploitation of natural resources, such as Nauru and Brunei Darussalam, through oil extraction without going through industrial development which various countries are not considered as developed countries 3

No Developed countries Developing country
1 Agriculture including livestock & fisheries is used for industrialization, sold and exported Agriculture including animal husbandry & fisheries are usually used to meet the needs of themselves and families.
2 The use of facilities and infrastructure for modern economic activities. Generally, community activities use traditional facilities and infrastructure
3 The level of science and technology that supports rapid industrialization The development of science and technology is quite slow
4 High average population income The level of income is relatively low
5 High level of education and skills The level of education is relatively low
6 High independence The nature of low population independence
7 Do not depend on nature Depend on nature
8 Low population growth rate The growth rate is high
9 High life expectancy Low life expectancy
10 High mobility intensity Low intensity mobility

List of developed and developing countries in the world

Negara Maju dan Berkembang di benua Eropa

Developed countries Developing country
1. Austria 2. Belgium 1. Albanian 2. Azerbaijan
3. Denmark 4. Estonia 3. Bosnia 4. Bulgaria
5. Finland 6. France 5. Belarus 6. Gergia
7. Germany 8. Czech Republic 7. Krosia 8. Kosovo
9. Greece 10. Ireland 9. Latvia 10. Lithuania
11. Italy 12. Luxembourg 11. Macedonia 12. Montonegro
13. the Netherlands 14. Portugal 13. Ukraine 14. Moldova
15. Russia 16. Spain 15. Poland 16. Romania
17. Sweden 18. English 17. Serbia 18. Turkey
19. Andorra 20. Iceland    
21. Monaco 22. Malta    
23. Norway 24. Slovenia    
25. Switzerland 26. Cyprus    
27. Vatican City 28. San Marino    
29. Hungary 30. Liectenstein    

Negara Maju dan Berkembang di benua Afrika

Based on the latest report, none of the countries in the African continent are classified as developed countries. Libya was once a developed country but, due to political turmoil that occurred in the country, the country was not included in the list of developed countries in the world.  That means all countries on the African continent are classified as developing countries

Negara Maju dan Berkembang di benua Amerika

Developed countries Developing country
1. Kanda 2. Amarika United 1. Chile 2. Brazil
    3. Bolivia 4. Colombia
    5. Costa Rica 6. Antigua & Barbuda
    7. Bahamas 8. Bardados
    9. Argentina 10. Belize
    11. Dominican Republic 12. Dominica
    13. Ecuador 14. El Salvador
    15. Grenada 16. Guatemala
    17. Guyana 18. Haiti
    19. Honduras 20. Jamaica
    21. Mexico 22. Nicaragua
    23. Panama 24. Peru
    25. Paraguay 26. St. St. Kitts and Nevis
    27. St. Lucia 28. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    29. Suriname 30. Trinidad and Tobago

Negara Maju dan Berkembang di benua Asia

Developed countries Developing country
1. Japanese 2. Singapore 1. Armenian 2. Kazakhstan
3. Hong Kong 4. South Korea 3. Krigistan 4. Mogolia
5. Israel 6. Taiwan 5. Tajikistan 6.Turkistanistan
7. Chinese   8. Uzbekistan 9. Afghanistan
    10. Bangladesh 11. Bhutan
    12. Brunei Darussalam 13. Cambodia
    14. Fiji 15. India
    16. Indonesia 17. Kribati
    18. North Korea 19. Laos
    20. Malaysia 21. Malidives
    22. Myanmar 23. Nepal
    24. Pakistan 25. Palestine
    26. Papua New Guinea 27. Philippines
    28. Samoa 29. Solomon
    30. Sri Lanka etc

Negara Maju dan Berkembang dibenua Austria dan Oceania

Developed countries Developing country
1. Austria 2. New Zealand 1. Fiji 2. Kribati
    3. Marshall Islands 4. Micronesia Federation
    5. Nauru 6. Palau
    7. Samoa 8. Solomon
    9. Tonga 10. Tuvalu


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