10 Characteristics of Personality Resources For Individual

.Personality resources are abilities that allow an individual to maintain a sense of stability and integrity in different situations and at different times. The main resources include the following:

  • ability to experience, transfer and integrate strong impacts;
  • the ability to maintain a sense of vitality, positive attitude, confidence that you are worthy of love;
  • the ability to maintain a sense of connection with other people, the so-called Ego resources (abilities that enable an individual to realize their needs and interact with other people);
  • self-awareness skills: intellect, ability to introspect, will power and initiative, focus on personal growth, awareness of one’s own needs, ability to see prospects;
  • interpersonal and self-help skills: the ability to foresee the consequences, establish mature relationships with others and boundaries in interpersonal relationships;
  • safety: a sense of security of themselves and their loved ones;
  • respect: a sense of self-worth and the ability to appreciate others;
  • trust (dependency): the ability to be confident in yourself and fulfill your needs, recognize the right of another person to have their own opinion and fulfill their needs;
  • control: the ability to control one’s feelings and behavior in interpersonal relationships, as well as influence other people;
  • intimacy: the ability to be in contact with oneself and to feel connected with others.

In crisis psychology, attention is also paid to primary reactions to the stress factor, which are often psychological defense mechanisms. For the first time, Z. Freud spoke about the mechanisms of psychological defense, who singled out the first defense mechanism – repression. In his works, he points out that information, which is presented to an individual as destructive, goes into the unconscious even before the realization of what has happened. Thus, an individual using the defense mechanism, as if “does not see” the problem, being distracted by secondary problems and tasks. The mechanisms of psychological defense, but their essence is the primary, unaware reaction to stress, and later, when analyzing, working out and implementing activities to cope with stress, we use coping strategies. In this way,

From the point of view of the psychoanalytic concept, coping is a flexible, purposeful, differentiated behavior oriented towards reality. Protection mechanisms are dysfunctional manifestations leading to neurotic and psychotic disorders. This behavior is rigid, forced, undifferentiated and distorting reality.

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