Perineal Care of Female,Read About Its Procedure In Nursing

Usually perineal care means care of perineum of a female pati­ent. It means cleaning the area, to prevent contamination in an aseptic technique.


  • To prevent contamination and sepsis (pus formation)
  • To clean and remove the discharge.
  • To prevent foul smell from the area.
  • To assist better and quick healing of wound

Material Required

  1. Soap and water. 2. Sterile cotton swabs. 3. Tray with a small sterile jug. 4. Warm antiseptic solution, dettol or savlon 1% (1 ml in 100 ml of water). 5. Sterile sanitary pad or napkin. 6. Small sterile forceps or sponge holding forceps to catch cotton swab from jug. 7. Bed pan with cover. 8. Tray or waste receptacle for collec­tion of soiled dressing 9. ‘T* bandage. 10. A piece of mackintosh. 11. Unsterile cotton to wipe patient back. 12. Any medicine or ointment ordered to apply after cleaning. Bed side screen. 14. Good light source or torch. 15. Sheet for covering patient.

What Is The Procedure Of Perineal Care And How To Give Perineal Care To The Patient In Nursing

  • Explain the patient what you are going to do and what for.
  • Ask the patient to empty bladder.
  • Collect all the materials required on a
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water and wear face mask.
  • Put the bed side screen for privacy.
  • Ask the patient to lie on her back with her knees flexed and spread out.
  • Put the back of the patient on the macintosh.
  • Cover the patient with bed sheet and only expose the peri­neal part.
  • Put the bed pan under buttock.
  • Remove all old soiled dressings carefully, If dry put some boiled tolerable water to soak for easy removal. Care should be taken while removing dressing sticking to the stitches. Otherwise with forceful removal of dressing from stitches,the stitch may be removed which is a bad
  • Observe for any discharge or lochia.
  • Test temperature of solution by pouring a drop of two over the genitalia from pubis down towards the vagina and rectum.
  • Stand on right side of the patient.
  • Now take sterile sponge with a sponge holder and soap it with sterile solution, never dip the sponge in solution.
  • Clean the vulva gently from top to down* not from down up­wards.
  • Use two or three sponge by discarding 1st one and changing one after another.
  • Dry with sterile dry “sponges.
  • Take care of episiotomy stitches while sponging the stitch area.
  • Put sterile pad over vulva.
  • Remove bed
  • Ask the patient to turn to one side, clean the buttock and back with unsterilized cotton.
  • Put‘T* bandage to hold the pad.
  • Record the amount and type of vaginal discharge, the condi­tion of perineum and condition of stitches if any.

Points to Note

  • Repeat the procedure as per advise of attending obstetrician or gynaecologist, 4 hourly, 6 hourly, 12 hourly or 24 hourly.
  • Test temperature of anti-septic solution or hot water.
  • Never pour solution/water with force.
  • Never try to touch anal area, if the sponge touches, throw It and take a second fresh one.
  • Always clean from top to down wards.

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