What is PDF:Why It Is Used For?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format.It is a file format (file), which was developed by Adobe Systems in 1993.In other words, PDF is a document that available for viewing and printing. ,and can not be edited. However, if it was created in Word, you can now edit it with the same program.

What is PDF:Why It Is Used For?

Why PDF Is Used For?

A PDF serves to protect  content of a document, so that it is not possible to make changes.PDF preserves all the content of the original document, such as images, text, used fonts (Time News Roman, Arial, Tahoma, etc.), font size, among others.

For example, you are doing a school job and want to send it to your teacher. You have two options: send it in Word so you can be available for any type of change, or send in PDF and the content of your work will be completely protected.

How To Open A PDF?

You can open any PDF using your browser .

However, if you want to have a better experience with PDFs, it is best to install one of the following programs:

  • Adobe Reader (belonging to the company that created the PDF)
  • Foxit Reader
  • Soda
  • Sumatra PDF

Once you install one of these programs, it will take over the opening of the next PDF files.As mentioned above, Word 2016 can also open PDF files (files) that have been created in Word.With Windows 10, PDF can be opened with the Edge browser or any other default browser you use to browse the Internet, for example Opera, Firefox, or Chrome.

The PDF file format is compatible with all computers that install the application or program on your PC, tablet, MAC or Linux system.The creation of this type of document comes from programs like Word, Excel and a variety of programs text editors,

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