Patience: Understanding Islam and Its Prophecy

Patience: Understanding in Islam and its Evidence – Patience is a word that is often spoken by oral. People who have the character of patience will get peace, peace and spaciousness. Patience is indeed not an easy matter that can be applied in daily life, but it is also not impossible for someone to have a patient nature.

Islam views this patience as a commendable trait that must be possessed by those who believe in Allah SWT. People who are impatient cannot be said as people of faith. For more details, the following will be discussed about the understanding of patience in Islam and the arguments relating to patience.

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Patience: Understanding Islam and Its Prophecy

Let’s first discuss patience carefully.

Understanding Patience in Islam

The word patient comes from the Arabic word from sobaro yasbiru , which means to hold. Whereas in terms, patience is to refrain from all forms of difficulties, sadness or restraint in the face of anything that is not liked and hated.

The broader tolerance is to refrain from becoming angry, to complain, to hate, to resent, to not give up, to train in obedience and to refrain from doing evil and evil deeds.

In Islam, there are three forms of patience – patience in obedience, patience in the face of adversity, and patience in avoiding evil acts.

Be patient in obedience

In carrying out obedience and commands of Allah SWT will feel heavy so it requires high patience. As an example of patience in refraining from being lazy in order to remain steadfast in carrying out the obligations of prayer on time, performing prayers always in congregation, patiently running fasting by keeping oral, heart and mind, patient in pursuing knowledge and so forth.


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Be patient in the face of adversity and adversity

The believer should be patient for all tests, trials and calamities that come to him. Believe that Allah will not test His servants beyond his abilities. When you get a trial, be patient and sincere with what happens. Because surely Allah is with those who are patient.

Be patient in your actions

Everything that is forbidden and forbidden by Allah Almighty should be avoided. All forms of evil are pleasant, but Allah forbids it so that believers are required to guard and abstain from all forms of evil and the things forbidden by Allah Almighty.


Patience About Patience

Here are some Qur’anic verses related to patience, including:

It means: ” O you who believe, be patient and pray as your helper, surely Allah is with those who are patient “. (QS. Al-Baqarah: 153)

Meaning: “ And those who are patient in adversity, in suffering and in war. They are the righteous (their faith); and they are the ones who are responsible “. (QS. Al-Baqarah: 177)

It means: “ And command your family to pray and be patient in doing so. We do not ask for your sustenance, we provide for you. And the (good) consequences are for the righteous . ” (QS. Thoha: 132)

It means: ” Only those who are patient will be rewarded with unlimited reward .” (QS. Az-Zumar: 10)

The hadith regarding patience includes the following:

It means: ” Whoever is patient will be patient with God, and there is no gift of Allah greater than patience “. (HR. Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad, at-Tirmidzi, Nasa’i, Abu Dawud, Malik and Ad-Darimi)

Meaning: “The whole affair of a believer is wonderful, indeed all his affairs are very good for him, and it is not for anyone but the believers. When he finds pleasure he is grateful, then that is good and when he is in trouble he is patient, so that is good for him . ” (HR. Muslim)


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Meaning: “ There are three who are patient in disaster, patient in obedience, and patient in avoiding evil. Whoever waits in misfortune until he is restored in good fortune for what he does (he is pleased with his army), Allah will write for him 300 degrees which is every degree of distance between heaven and earth. And if anyone is patient in performing obedience, then Allah will write it 600 degrees, two degrees apart between the sky of the earth and Sidratul Muntaha. And whoever is patient in avoiding evil, Allah wrote to him 900 degrees which is two degrees as ‘Thrice twice .’ (HR. Abu Dunya and Abu Shaykh)

That is a brief explanation of Patience: Understanding in Islam and its Evidence  (Qur’an and Hadith), may be useful and provide new knowledge for those who do not know it yet. Thanks.


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