Parts of an instructional text

An instructional text is a document that presents each of the steps that must be followed to carry out an activity.

This gives a detailed and orderly explanation of all the actions to follow so that the desired result is achieved. Any text that has indications of how something should be done is considered an instruction.

The parts that make up this text are: index, necessary materials, basic instructions or rules of use, recommendations, assembly instructions and recommendations.

The characteristics that are commonly observed are: The steps to follow for the use of the program, device or in question are presented; includes photographs, drawings or any graphic element that may be helpful in illustrating how to proceed; simple and precise language is used to facilitate understanding; They have bullets or numbered formats to aid visualization. Common instructions are those that indicate how to use a computer, such as a television.


  • 1The parts of an instruction
    • 1Index
    • 2Necessary materials or technical requirements
    • 3Basic instructions
    • 4 Assemblyinstructions (if applicable)
    • 5Illustrations
    • 6Rules or recommendations for Use
    • 7General information about the instructional texts

The parts of an instruction


It is a very important and very useful part, since it is where each of the important elements is disclosed.

This is a tool that allows better handling, and is used in device and equipment manuals.

Necessary materials or technical requirements

As it is an instruction manual that indicates the manufacture of a product for industrial or domestic use, this part must contain the elements or ingredients required for it to be produced.

In the technical requirements, some instructions mention the need for certain conditions so that the operation of the equipment is possible, such as for example in the case of household appliances such as microwaves, blenders, among others, disclosing the type of current through which they operate. , what kind of voltage (if it is 110 volts or 220 volts.


Basic instructions

The basic instructions are those that indicate the steps by which it is possible to turn on a device, if applicable. In case it is a type of recipe instructions, the steps necessary for its preparation are disclosed.

Assembly instructions (if applicable)

This part is included if the assembly of parts in a device is required, such as: placing the lens of a camera, the battery of a telephone, among others.


This part includes drawings, photographs, diagrams or any image that works as an illustration to facilitate understanding of the text.

Rules or recommendations for use

This part indicates what is allowed and what is not, and what the penalties would be if the rules of use are not followed, such as in the game instructions.

In the case of the use of electronic equipment, recommendations are generally included to prevent the equipment from being damaged due to mishandling or exposure to inappropriate conditions.

The instructional texts are very relevant for obtaining good results when carrying out an activity, because if the aspects of importance for the realization process are taken into account, the desired objective will be achieved, avoiding making mistakes and thus wasting time .

The instructions are designed with the purpose that a correct use is possible and that the devices or devices are efficient, as well as that they be properly installed.

These documents have wide application in work and daily life, because they are of great support at the learning level.

General information on the instructional texts

In the instructional texts, the infinitive is used, the imperative mode, such as: turning on the computer or turning on the computer, as well as impersonal forms, such as, for example, turning on the computer.

Globally, in each country there are organizations that regulate the guidelines to be followed for the drafting of administrative and procedural manuals, among other types.


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