Paregoric Elixir: What it is for and how to take

The dye Papaver somniferum camphor is an herbal medicine known as paregoric, widely used for its analgesic and antispasmodic effect for abdominal cramps caused by excessive flatulence, for example. This medicine is made from poppy, under the scientific name  Papaver Somniferum L., by the Santa Catarina laboratory and can be purchased at conventional pharmacies, for a price between 14 and 25 reais, only upon presentation of a prescription.

This elixir contains 0.5mg of morphine and other substances such as benzoic acid, camphor, anise essence, ethyl alcohol and reverse osmosis water.

What is it for

Paregoric Elixir is an antispasmodic that is indicated to combat intestinal gas, stomach pain and intestinal cramps.

How to take 

Paregoric Elixir is intended for use by drinking 40 drops diluted in a glass of water 3 times a day after meals. You can increase the number of shots as long as you do not exceed 160 drops a day.This elixir should not be taken if it has different characteristics from the original. It should have a light brownish color and a characteristic odor of anise and camphor. Its taste is spicy and alcoholic and in the end has an anise flavor.

Possible Side Effects

The main side effects of paregoric Elixir include constipation, headaches, drowsiness and increased intestinal gas.

When not to take 

Paregoric Elixir is contraindicated for children under 12 years of age, pregnant women and breast-feeding women, as well as for patients who are hypersensitive to the components of the formula.It should also not be taken in case of acute diarrhea or by people using other medicines such as monoaminoxidase inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants, amphetamines and phenothiazine, as they may increase the depressing effects of these medicines.

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