Why Brain Stimulants Are Used To Increase Concentration And Memory

Brain stimulants are commonly used to treat changes in mental health, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as they improve concentration and attention levels, thereby decreasing the symptoms of the disorder.Because they guarantee high levels of concentration, these medicines are also sometimes used by healthy people for short periods, as students do during exams, for example to facilitate study or work and ensure better results.

However, its continued use can cause negative changes in the brain, especially in its flexibility, that is, its ability to change and adapt between various tasks. Therefore, stimulants should only be used with the indication and guidance of a physician.

5 most used brain stimulants

Some of the most commonly used brain stimulant remedies have been:

  • Optimemory: It is a natural supplement especially designed for students that helps improve memory and stay focused during the study. Although natural, it should be directed by a doctor;
  • Intelimax IQ: Can be used to increase thinking ability while avoiding mental fatigue. However, it may have some side effects and should only be used with medical advice;
  • Optimind: has vitamins, stimulants and proteins that help increase brain disposition and memory;
  • Modafinil: Used for the treatment of narcolepsy;
  • Ritalin: Used to combat attention deficit in children, Alzheimer’s or depression / dementia in the elderly.

These remedies are used as brain stimulants but should not be taken without medical advice as they can cause headaches, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and dizziness, as well as other more serious changes.

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Natural Brain Stimulant Options

Brain stimulating drugs should be the last choice for people who have no changes in mental health. Therefore, a good option, before consulting your doctor to take these medicines, is to enrich your diet with natural brain stimulants such as chocolate, pepper, coffee and caffeinated beverages such as guarana, for example. .

Other natural brain stimulants are nutritional supplements like:

  • Ginkgo Biloba- is a component of a plant and facilitates blood circulation in the brain;
  • Arcalion- is a vitamin B1 supplement indicated for weakness problems.
  • Rodhiola- a plant that improves mental and physical performance.

In addition, there are also teas, such as green tea, mate tea or black tea, which contain caffeine and therefore increase brain activity. Here’s how to use these foods with our nutritionist:

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