What Is Durateston

Durateston is a testosterone-based remedy that can cause some side effects like itching, acne, nausea, muscle pain, increased cholesterol and PSA levels, prolonged and painful erection and enlargement of breasts in men.This medicine is intended for men who have low testosterone levels, and may promote the development and growth of male reproductive organs, but should only be used as directed by your doctor.

Durateston is commercially found under the names Androxon, Deposteron or Durateston, for example, and is given by injection into the muscle.

Testosterone Injection


Durateston is indicated when it has low testosterone levels or when it is not present. Some situations that can lead to lack of testosterone include after castration, delayed male puberty, hypopituitarism and endocrine impotence, for example.

Also, it may be indicated when there are symptoms of male climacteric, such as decreased libido. Learn more causes of decreased testosterone .Normally, the doctor indicates a 1 ml injection that should be taken every 3 weeks within 3 weeks and the injection should be given by a nurse to the buttock or arm muscle.

Injection of muscle


This medicine is contraindicated for women, pregnant or breastfeeding women. It should also not be used in cases of prostate or breast tumor and when allergic to peanut and soybean oil.

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