Parapsychology: what is it and how does it work?

Parapsychology is the science that seeks explanations through unexplained phenomena. It is a very difficult field to study, as there are several areas. To research these questions, she draws on all sciences, mainly psychology.It is an experimental science that advances slowly and there are already several courses and lectures explaining this method. It is remarkable to understand that parapsychology is not linked to any religion. Many people are confused because some religions use parapsychological knowledge to prove, for example, a miracle.

How does clinical parapsychology work?

As the subject is broad, there are many confusions regarding the theme. Clinical parapsychology helps to change behaviors and actions. And this change can occur through the use of techniques such as hypnosis , mental reprogramming and memory regression, all of which help to treat diseases of the human mind.

For American Louise L. Hay, diseases are created by ourselves. She argues that we need to connect with us and try to see what feelings are blocked and often prevent us from moving forward. This can be accomplished through the techniques we mentioned above. According to Louise, some of the diseases have their roots in resentment. Check out some:

  • Cancer: deep hurt;
  • Anxiety: lack of confidence;
  • Cholesterol: fear of accepting joy;
  • Headache: lack of self-worth;
  • Fat: need for protection;
  • Asthma: suppressed crying;
  • Insomnia : fear and guilt;
  • Colds: mental confusion;
  • Tumors: feeding sorrows;
  • Acne: don’t accept yourself;
  • Low blood pressure : lack of love as a child;
  • High blood pressure: unresolved emotional problem.

What happens is that most of the time we will try to resolve these diseases or symptoms with a remedy. Leaving aside that perhaps this remedy may be a forgiveness for you.

Examples of clinical parapsychology

Examples of parapsychology are hypnosis, mental reprogramming and memory regression. All of these techniques enable the human being to recognize and understand his difficulties and thus reach a level of lucidity. Hypnosis occurs when the subconscious controls the conscious mind.

Through mental reprogramming it is possible to change the conditioning acquired by the subconscious. Memory regression, on the other hand, is induced or spontaneous and reminds us of remarkable moments experienced by the patient.

All of these techniques must be done by professionals who have taken courses and improvement. It is extremely important to know well the professional who will choose to do some of these treatments. That’s because it deals directly with the mind, where are all our emotions, memories and traumas.

When we do not access these emotions in the best way, it can happen that we increase even more sorrows and sorrows. The benefits of doing clinical parapsychology are that you can understand some habits and thoughts that you can’t get rid of.

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