Panic Attacks: Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

Today we are going to talk about DAP,  panic disorder . This disorder is considered by specialists as a new form of symptom, it is a malaise that has spread in recent years. Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, has left us no record of similar cases in his day.


I immediately specify that a distinction must be made between what is a real  panic attack  and what is instead an  anxiety attack . Often the two, for common sense, are confused with each other.


The sensations experienced on a physical level are very similar: tachycardia, sweating, respiratory block, dizziness, even fainting, symptoms that affect the body . So far everything similar, the substantial difference consists in the awareness of a psychological malaise, in the anxiety attack, in the case of panic attack, fear and fright are so strong that one fears for a heart attack or for something ‘ other than that it can endanger one’s life at that moment and that necessarily pushes towards the nearest hospital. The malaise is all concentrated in the body, you are unable to understand what is happening.

Where do these attacks affect us?

They strike us above all in those  crowded places  such as shopping malls, subways or discos. It is interesting that a new word has recently entered the dictionary of the Italian language that can help us understand: non-place, this indicates those places where so many people gather, but where these people are strangers to each other and where the feeling of perceived loneliness can be overwhelming. Or they can also hit us  during the night  when we are in bed, which, if we think back to childhood, is the worst time for a child.

Why are we affected by these attacks?

They strike us in a moment of life when on the one hand we are assailed by one or more worries of varying degrees such as problems in the family, in a romantic relationship or at work that make us live in a state of constant tension. In addition, in my opinion, a strong feeling of loss is added to the worries  , a feeling of extreme loneliness whose peak coincides with the unleashing of the attack.

After an attack?

The greatest  fear of a panic attack is the one that it can happen again , everyone has to deal with this possibility: those who resort to drugs, those who start avoiding all those places where they think it can happen again, those who do not leave the house unless accompanied by a person he trusts blindly, who signs up to groups that share his same problem and who, fortunately,  turns to a psychologist to understand something more about his discomfort .


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