Panama Geography

The Panama or the Republic of Panama is a country located in Central America . Its territory is limited to Costa Rica (to the west), Colombia (to the east) and is still bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. In addition, its terrain has the isthmus of Panama, a narrow bridge that connects the American continent .

The official language of Panama is Spanish and the capital , Panama City. The nation has an administrative republic, which provides direct elections for president every five years. Its lands have nine provinces and three autonomous indigenous reserves.

The main cities in Panama , in addition to its capital, are: San Miguelito, Tocumen, David, Arraiján, Colón, Las Cumbres, La Chochera, Pacora and Santiago de Veraguas. Finally, most Panamanians follow the Christian religion . According to 2011 data, 79.1% of Panamanians consider themselves Catholic, while 10.1% Protestants.

Geographical aspects of Panama

The Panamanian territory covers 75,470 km². The tropical country has the Panama Canal , which cuts its land in half. This canal was built between 1904 and 1914. However, the planning, which belonged to the United States , was only transferred to Panama in 1977.

Between the years 2007 and 2016, the Panama Canal underwent an ambitious reconstruction, which was important to improve traffic in the territory. Then, with the completion of the work, more traffic and the passage of larger ships were allowed.

Panama Canal

The country’s relief features coastal plains, hills and even steeper mountains , located in the interior. The highest point in Panama is the Barú Volcano, which is 3,475 meters high.

Barú Volcano

The main natural resources  are copper and mahogany (wood). In addition, the main Panamanian rivers are: Chagres River, Tuira River and Chucunaque River. Its vegetation consists of tropical and equatorial forest.

Their lands are often used heavily for agriculture. Thus, deforestation is one of the main  environmental problems facing the nation. In addition to soil degradation, water pollution, erosion and air pollution, mainly in Panama City.


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