Organizing activities to promote work safety

Occupational safety promotion activities are one of the activities of the establishment. Which is organized to promote the safety of employees in a concrete way In order to comply with the policies and operational plans of such establishments, if any establishment wishes to carry out safety promotion activities Able to select activities suitable for the situation and the readiness of the establishment as follows:

1. Exhibition.

It is an activity with low operating costs. Able to create an exhibition set from the story inside the establishment itself. By taking pictures of the accident that occurred Employee accident statistics When there is a real picture of the incident, identify the cause, the damage and the method of prevention and correction. The exhibition can be exhibited on Safety Day. Or safety week in order for employees to be aware and conscious of working safely And enabling a large number of employees to participate

  1. Special lecture

It is an activity to enhance employees’ knowledge and understanding. May invite speakers within the agency Or from outside To give advice to the management or employees of the establishment Which cultivates a consciousness to abide by the rules of safety until maximum performance

  1. Discussion Security

It is one of the activities that an establishment organizes in the form of a meeting, a discussion, or a safety discussion, where there is a dialogue where subject matter experts are brought together and the opportunity to ask questions. Give rise to creative ideas And have concluded to continue

  1. Safety Slogans Contest

This is an activity that allows employees of all levels to participate in the campaign. By developing awareness and attitudes of employees in the form of messages or slogans that remind them of caution. Or strengthen work safety The establishment can hold the contest itself. As for the contest rules, it may be custom.

  1. Poster contest

It is an activity to engage employees of the establishment in media production. Public relations to stimulate safety awareness The rules of the establishment contest can be customized.

  1. Unsafe Work Condition Reporting Contest

Is an activity for employees to explore working conditions Find an unsafe spot Take a photo Record from the danger point of various work processes, present images and report recommendations to the committee for selection. Can be used to improve unsafe working conditions.

  1. Cleanliness contest

It is an activity that requires cooperation from all employees in each department. And is the starting point of the 5S activity for the next safety occasion If the establishment is not ready for the 5S activity, the Cleanliness Contest will be an easy activity and contributes to the good health of employees and management. Leading to safety in work

  1. Arrangement of safety video screening

It is an activity that the establishment will organize along with an exhibition on safety days or weeks. By requesting a safety video to be shown to the employees Enhance cognition Positive attitude to employees

  1. Campaign for the use of personal protective equipment

Once an establishment has provided appropriate safety equipment for employees to wear, a campaign should be organized for employees to use. Because most establishments will have problems with employees who do not use them, causing waste. The campaign will be conducted at a specific stage, there is a contest to reward the correct and complete employee who has worn it.

  1. 5S campaign campaign

The establishment must be declared as a policy and must be done by all employees. At every level, with high-level executives coming down to check periodically in order to encourage all parties to recognize the importance and to carry out the 5S activities continuously and regularly

11.Campaign with posters and safety symbols

Safety posters and symbols are a means of warning and can raise worker awareness of potential dangers.

  1. Zero Accident Reduction Campaign with KYT

Establishments can be performed using KYT techniques by training workers to recognize the dangers that will occur. And make sure to remind yourself To be able to reduce accidents to zero

  1. Making plates showing accident statistics or notice boards

Establishments can make large plates showing accident statistics. Or a sign announcing safety activities in an obvious location in front of the factory Some places may be written on the front cover of the factory. So that workers have a conscience to cooperate in reducing the accident statistics.

  1. Answering the prize

The facility may arrange a contest response during the workplace safety week. How to answer problems from exhibition pictures Or documents distributed in the event Find the danger point from the real scene image And awarded by the organizing committee

Article broadcasting

Some establishments have public relations. By sending sound along lines within the factory or canteen area Safety Committee Take the article about safety, vote along the line. In order to disseminate knowledge to employees Including measures to correct working conditions from actual accidents in the factory area

  1. Publishing articles in journals

Establishments that have prepared a journal for public relations Distribute it to employees or customers. The articles about safety can be published in a journal. In order to disseminate more knowledge of safety

  1. Field trips to other establishments

This activity is suitable for employees or the safety committee. Had the opportunity to see excellent working conditions in other establishments In order to improve their working conditions By asking for excellent work establishments that have been awarded Or establishments that perform safety as a good example To request a visit


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