How to organize my family business

The organization of a family business must be aligned with the component of the illusion of a project involving different people from the same family. However, it is important to clarify roles and differentiate functions beyond the affection that unites these affective bonds.



Organization chart

The choice of the position held by each person should not be conditioned by the position that the protagonist occupies in the family system, but by their preparation, training, experience and involvement. The determination of this organizational chart of the family business is relevant to lay the foundations of daily work from team collaboration. The creation of this organization chart provides an order and structure to the entity. And in this representation of the situation map there is a hierarchy.



This concept present in practice from the point of view of previous programming can be applied to different aspects: marketing, finance, work schedules, innovation, human resources, communication … Planning is a mission that allows A family business positively influence their own reality through the creation of new opportunities.


Preparation of the company’s future

A family business can be the beginning of a story that is expanded by a new generation. And it is positive to think about that future potential from the present present time from the preparation of a contextualized continuity plan in this concrete reality of this business.


But, in addition, it should be borne in mind that the next generation may not want to follow the direction of this direction. Therefore, it is also important that you can consider other alternatives to which it is possible to shape by developing a protocol that is aligned with the flow of this future framework.



Work meetings

It is essential to differentiate roles and functions to organize work in the family business. In this way, everyone can concentrate on their work while maintaining their own space in the entity. But the different positions must also be coordinated around the reference of the common objectives. Therefore, work meetings are helpful resources for scheduling times, defining new goals, sharing valuable information and monitoring the initiatives carried out.


The protagonists of a family business can also share plans on a regular basis during leisure time. However, it is convenient to differentiate spaces to give work issues the corresponding office context.


Mission and vision

A family business not only has advantages, it can also have possible disadvantages. However, when a company reaches this form it is because those involved in this project observe more advantages than inconveniences in this path that they travel together.


This type of project has a great role in the current commercial scenario. But each entity is unique and different. It is positive that each initiative individualizes its approach based on the identification of the mission and vision as key concepts in this corporate image.


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