Oracle XML DB 11g

Oracle XML DB 11g . It is a feature of the Oracle Database that offers a powerful tool for managing XML content , including storage, manipulation, and retrieval.


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    • 2 Binary storage
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You have various forms of storage.


By treating the document as a large object and storing it in the Database , this method allows the best insertion times. However, this storage method also consumes the most space and has the worst performance for relational data access. This is an impractical solution for managing large and complex XML documents if relational access is required. Unstructured storage can be a practical solution if disk space is not an issue and the goal is to archive documents in their original format.

Binary storage

This option, new in Oracle Database 11g, stores data in a binary postparse format designed specifically for XML data . This option has several advantages over unstructured storage, and being sensitive to the XML schema allows better disk space efficiency and better query performance. Although this option offers incredible performance compared to unstructured storage, it does not have the same query performance as structured storage. Binary storage is a good option when its performance for relational access is acceptable. Because this storage option is easy to use, it is worth evaluating before opting for structured storage.

Unstructured storage

Also known as schema-based storage, this option uses a relational object model to store XML documents in the database . This storage option is the most efficient in terms of disk space and relational access. It also has the highest levels of overhead during file insertion and requires additional preparation for schema registration. Structured storage is the best option when relational access is a requirement. To handle large and complex files in order to offer efficient relational access, this storage option is generally the best option.

Practical applications

Oracle XML DB 11g offers a complete and efficient content management solution that is much more useful and practical than any other alternative. By having a database-centric view of each document, Oracle XML DB offers an innovative and advanced method for storing and retrieving XML content . Different storage options provide the ability to effectively manage all documents, regardless of size and complexity. The new feature to effectively modify XML schema definitions makes Oracle XML DB the ideal solution for frequently changing content. These features meet the challenges of managing complex XML content, giving you the solution.


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