Opaque projectors;10 Technical characteristics You Must Know

Opaque projectors are different from other types of projectors.Through projectors of opaque easy way, you can easily copy and enlarge images , drawings and other supports.The idea is simple: an image is enlarged and projected on a wall.This allows us to “trace” or copy it easily.

Tutorial steps of opaque projector

  1. Select the image to be copied and have a wide and comfortable space to work. Adapt the image to the size required by the projector.
  2. Locate both the new surface and the projector facing each other.
  3. Place the image in the opening prepared for it, in some projectors is in the base and in others on the surface.
  4. Begin to transport the drawing. Revise the contours and silhouettes in the first place as a sketch.
  5. Turn off the projector every time we have made a good section to check that we are not forgetting any line. Until we finally complete the drawing.

Technical characteristics:

  • Equipment designed for the direct projection of objects: original products, books and all kinds of documents.
  • Suitable for transparencies projection.
  • Halogen lamps 4×110 v / 300 w.
  • Projection distance: 1.30 – 3 m.
  • Extension: from 3 to 8 times.
  • Work surface 285 x 285 mm.
  • Dimensions: 400x511x286 mm.
  • Weight 12 Kg.
  • You can also reduce images up to 80% over the original.
  • It includes the SuperPrism lens, which represents a remarkable improvement in the quality of the reproduction with respect to the previous model.
  • Double cooling channel with a circuit thermal overload safety system to protect the copy from overheating.
  • The projected image can be easily taken and can be colored as desired.

User guide:

  1. Support the device on a solid base (it has a table) and remove the lens cap.
  2. Connect to the power and turn on the rear switch.
  3. Open the top cover and place the object or document on the glass and close it.
  4. Adjust the inclination of the device with the back tab, adjusting the height of the leg and focus the image with the right side wheels. (Upper and lower).
  5. The greater the distance, the greater the image size. It is recommended that the projection room be as dark as possible.

In sum up,opaque projector is easiest and fastest way to project and amplify images of magazines, books, photographs and color and black and white postcards.

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