Interactive Board;How can the interactive whiteboard help your organization?

The Interactive Board is a tool with which is very different than Conventional methods of presenting classes .There are different types of multimedia interactive whiteboard, they may differ from one another  however, have in common possibility of interacting with the projected contents by touching the surface of the blackboard..·

How do I use the IWB at school?

It is possible to use the blackboard in offline mode , without internet connection, like a normal blackboard to support copying and writing activities.By connecting the board to Internet via a wi-fi connection, you can browse the web and access texts, images, search engines.

You can use the many educational programs for the IWB: there are, in fact, applications and programs built specifically for the IWB and downloadable from the internet or purchased in CD-ROM, for each study discipline and for each class.

  • Advantageous of Interactive Board
  • No need for batteries, special tools or accessories that fail or disappear.
  • The key to this experience is the natural  touch on screen. Simply touch the surface to select applications, navigate menus, write, present, imagine, etc …
  • To write, use your finger or any other pointing device naturally.
  • With an associated video projector, the Evolution frame is an interactive touchpad. It is a product designed for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, fairs, symposiums, etc.
  • Users can write on the board with digital ink, with their finger or any other pointing device or use the traditional writing pens on white ceramic pictures.
  • With this tool, you will have an aid in improving students’ motivation, participation and performance, making learning based on interactivity, following a dynamism that young people and adults start to be used to.

How can the interactive whiteboard help your organization?

  • It will depend on the activity where it is inserted.
  • Project managers leverage their communication as they present and record developments and monitor decisions taken, then save their notes and send them via email to key partners as an update of progress.
  • Designers use it to present plans to customers and integrate their comments immediately, saving valuable time during the creative process.
  • Firefighters’ corporations use training simulators, ensuring that their personnel receive realistic but safe training.
  • Educational institutions empower educational resources in a much more accessible and immediate way, maintaining communication with their audience.
  • Lawyers get the attention of jurors and help them understand the progress of their case.
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