Everyone in this world wants to have a life motivation that always encourages themselves and everyone also wants to change their lives for the better. When we see someone whose life is a mess, for example a bum on the road. In fact, deep in his heart, he also wanted to have a better life like the workers who were walking around in front of him every day. This example shows that everyone has high hopes to be able to change their lives to be more meaningful and beautiful .


However, each person has a different way of bringing their lives to a brighter and more beautiful way. There are only silent by hoping that fate will change their lives and some are working hard to the fullest so that destiny will bring them into a much better life.


In this article, we will invite fellow Career Advice to step forward and make every effort to change the present life for the better. These efforts can begin by asking yourself one important question, reflecting on or reflecting on yourself, and applying the answers to the questions we ask.


The allbusiness website advises all of us to ask one important question that can change our lives for the better and here is an explanation.


Ask “What Does” Success “Mean to You?”

The definition of success that everyone has will be different. What I say as ‘success’ might be different from what our fellow readers think or think about the people around us now.


Money, popularity, a stable economy, achievements, a beautiful love life, a happy family, can all that be said to be a success?


Some people might choose wealth as an indicator of their success, some might just choose to have a happy family. But can we follow the same success indicators as those of others?


A close friend of mine said that he would like to be successful in the next five years by having a savings of 1 billion rupiah and having two luxury apartments for rent. On the other hand, I ask myself “what does success mean to me”.


I quickly answered in my heart that “I want to establish a small restaurant that is the first step in the hobby of doing business that I have”. Quite different right? One wants to have great wealth and one only wants to channel his business hobby.


So, try to ask yourself, what is success for me like?

Because our definition of ‘success’ will be different from that of others, we must find out deeply about the meaning of success for ourselves, then we can determine what strategies are appropriate and effective to pursue this success . When we want to develop a strategy for “The Success I Want,” then we need to think and look far ahead. Prepare a pen and memorandum or software that can help us to take notes. Breathe deeply, calm the mind and think about what we really want in this life.


Start writing, fellow readers can write a number of things you want. Take it easy, it doesn’t have to be just one. We also encourage fellow readers to write all of this in a room or a place where fellow readers feel comfortable there. Nobody is bothering anyone and your mind is only focused on the reflection of future readers. If your fellow readers want this atmosphere to be more real, try to close your eyes and calm your readers’ minds. When you close your eyes, what shadows are there?


Do your fellow readers see yourself wearing expensive clothes like famous artists? Or, fellow readers see a simple and happy family?

What we see in the shadows can be a picture of the success we want in life. Do not limit the reflections that fellow readers do, you can do it more than once. In addition, when we close our eyes, let our minds go wild and not be limited by what we think will happen.


Remember again about what we want, maybe our hopes will sound very crazy and impossible for some people, but again we need to say a powerful sentence to ourselves that, “Nothing is impossible in this world, everything can be achieved and everything can be worked on! ” Say this tough sentence out loud to yourself.


After closing your eyes, open your eyes again and see what is around us. Try asking the things below and write it down!

– Who am I?

– What is my life like now?

Do I feel happy or not?

– Where do I live now?

Is my residence a slum? Or, where I live is clean enough and suitable to be occupied?

– The life that I lead now for whom?

Is it for my own happiness, or for others?

– What profession am I doing now?

Is my profession a form of my passion, or do I know nothing about this profession?

– What wealth do we have now?

Try to answer some of these questions as honestly as possible and write our answers as specifically as possible.


The next step is to ask, “What should I change?”

After having a shadow about some of the goals of success that we have, it is time for us to act to change. Oops! Don’t be afraid of the word “change”. Most people are very afraid to change, but to achieve success, we do have to change ourselves so that the desired success will be achieved soon. Logically, how can we change lives for the better, if we don’t want to change ourselves for the better?


by Abdullah Sam
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