Obsessive love: 15 ways to tell if it’s real or just not healthy

Not all love is the same, and if you can’t tell the difference, it can worry you – especially if you don’t know it’s just an obsessive love.

Do you remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time? Is it hard to stop being so excited to see someone? Your heart gets irritated, your breath rises, and you just can’t get rid of this feeling in your stomach – butterflies. If you think this is love, it can be something completely different and unhealthy. It can be just an obsessive love.

Most of us really know what love is? The truth is, we can be wrong about something more common. It is an obsessive love and not true love. We really think we are driving someone crazy just to know that we are in touch with them for a short time.

What is true love?

Love is a very complicated thing. It can change the feeling of your whole body. In fact, it changes the chemistry in your brain. Falling in love is such a powerful feeling that you can start thinking differently.

According to psychology, love is the release of a set of different chemicals. Oxytocin, phenethylamine and dopamine are just a few of the substances released in your brain that make you feel energetic and, most importantly, love.

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Is it true love or just obsessive love?

The difficult part of distinguishing between these two types of love is that they are very similar. We feel them on a similar level, and it’s hard to know if you’re really in love with someone.

If you mix the two, it can cause a real problem. If you are not sure if it is true love or just an obsession, you can get married, have a child, or make bigger mistakes. For those who are new to the love game, these depictions of true love and obsessive love can help you determine what you really feel.

True love

# 1 Starts slowly. It’s easy to think that true love hits you really hard and fast, but it’s not true. Of course, you can really feel inside someone and they may like a lot, but it’s not love. True love takes time to grow and emerge, rather than hitting like a ton of bricks.

# 2 You feel comfortable. Love is comfort. You feel satisfied and comfortable with them. It’s more like a slow-burning emotion than an explosion that puts your nerves aside. You just feel comfortable with them, with yourself and with the feelings in your life.

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# 3 Comes easily. There is no need to force true love. You do not have to try to fall in love with someone. It’s just that something happens and it’s not hard to feel that way. When you are in love, it is so easy that you do not even realize that you exist. It’s like breathing.

# 4 Thinking about it makes you smile. When you come to your senses and leave only a small smile, this is true love. Their thoughts only make you happy and feel good. It’s true love when you’re just busy with your day and their name or face comes to mind and you just feel good about it.

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# 5 Their happiness is more important than themselves. When they are truly in love, their happiness comes first. Yes, you should still worry about your happiness, but in fact it belongs to them. True love when they feel happy that they are happy.

# 6 You want to solve your problems. Love does not come without problems. We all have arguments – even in the healthiest of relationships. The point is, when there are these battles, you want to fix them and solve the problem. You do not cancel it and ignore it or claim that it does not exist.

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# 7 You recognize your flaws and still feel the same. You know they have flaws. You see the problems in their lives, but if you are really in love, it doesn’t matter to you. In fact, these flaws can make you love even more. When you see them in the worst case, you don’t change your feelings.

Obsessive love

# 1 Thesis. If you feel in love when you first meet. Not true love. It is a love that is really fast and hard. There can often be a feeling of “love at first sight.” But not true love.

# 2 You can’t give a reason for your “love”. When someone asks you why you love them and you can’t think of a reason, that’s the problem. You just feel so much love, but you don’t know why you love it. This is obsessive love and not true love.

# 3 Thinking about them makes you feel uncomfortable. How do you feel when you think about it? Are you worried? Your heart rate is rising and you feel the need to talk to them? Are you starting to breathe harder? It is not a feeling of love, but a feeling of obsession. Not good feelings.

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# 4 You can’t live without it. Imagine your life without it. How does it feel? Do you feel that they need oxygen to live as you do? If so, I’m afraid to say that it sounds more like an obsessive love and true love.

# 5 You see no flaws in them. Do they have sins? When you have an obsessive love, you just can’t imagine anything wrong with them. You may feel that they have a “sin,” but to you, it’s not, and you defend it as a positive sign. This is more obsessive love than true love.

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# 6 If you don’t talk to them right now, you’ll go crazy. I know everyone wants to talk to the person they love, but to some extent. If you can’t walk for hours without checking and talking to them, it could be a sign of an unhealthy obsessive love. If you always feel a deep need to talk to them or be around them, this is not true love.

# 7 You are jealous of everything and everything you love. It can be a human or even an inanimate object. If you want to get rid of everything you love in your life except you, it is an obsessive love. This behavior is not really healthy and is not true love in general.

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# 8 You change your behavior to serve their interests. If you change your life completely to adapt to what they like, this is not true love. It’s perfect to just try and get into something they enjoy so you can understand it better, but it’s an obsessive love when you give up your hobby to choose it.

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Love should be exciting, rewarding and really entertaining. But if you have an obsessive love, it can be a worrying problem and it’s hard to deal with – not to mention really healthy. Know where your feelings are.


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