If you fall in love, you have to obey the 5 words

In words, people become blind to the emotion of love. The reality is hard to accept. But when the passion of love is cut off, that reality comes and stands in front. Some people say in the emotion of love, I can not live without you! But in the face of reality, the two may have to live far away. There are some realities in love relationships that can lead to happiness in the long run. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

All can be conquered with love

Many people say that everything can be conquered with love. But the reality is different. Everything can be conquered with love, it is exaggerated and misleading. It is also dangerous to believe. Because, it creates optimistic laziness in the mind. Accepting this to ignore the realities of life. In fact, all the ups and downs of married life cannot be sustained by love alone.

I will spend my life just loving you

Don’t just fill your stomach with love. Food, clothing, oxygen, water and more are needed to save lives. These are things that need to be kept in mind at all times. There must be the idea that personal needs need to be met even outside of a romantic relationship. Peace of mind does not come only in love, happiness comes only when you can adapt to the reality of life.

True love is unconditional

It is often seen that a crazy couple in love with each other are engaged in a quarrel after a while. There is no more tension between them. When the thread of a relationship is cut, love alone is not responsible. The relationship that once existed cannot be denied. When a relationship breaks up, the previous love does not become meaningless. Rather it brings to the fore some conditions or some issues of the past. So there must be some conditions in true love. Many things like time, career, health, want-get. It is better to accept these conditions of reality.

Everything is easier when you love the right people

Life is never easy. At the beginning of a relationship, everything can seem easy with love. However, when the darkness is over, many realities come to the fore. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. No matter how much understanding there is between the two, you have to try all the time so that you don’t run away from each other in difficult times. The right person can be wrong a lot of the time. So in order not to break the bond, he needs to make an effort.

People do not change

Those who think, my own man will never change. Will remain the same. They think wrong. Every human being is changeable. The more you accept this fact, the better for the relationship. People change over time. Both have to be partners in change to sustain the relationship. If the rhythm of the two is cut off, it becomes difficult to walk together.

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