Nourishing creams

Nourishing creams . Also known as creams regenerators, are essential for good care of the skin, its mission is to increase the regeneration of cells of the skin , so they are creams, which generally are usually applied at night, when we the skin more relaxed and suitable for this process, in addition to being the time of day when we have the most cellular regenerative function in the skin.


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  • 1 History
  • 2 Homemade nourishing cream
    • 1 Honey Cream and olive oil for the skin
    • 2 Homemade cucumber wrinkle cream
    • 3 Cream of Honey, egg and almond oil
  • 3 Buy a good nourishing cream
  • 4 The best nourishing cream
  • 5 Nourishing hand cream
  • 6 Sun cream
  • 7 Factor indicated according to the skin
  • 8 Pharmacy sun creams
  • 9 Homemade sun oil
  • 10 Good sun cream
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The best age to start using a good nourishing cream is at age 30 , and even earlier if there are clear signs of aging. Nourishing creams, being more fat than other creams, many people think that they are only indicated for dry skin, nothing is further from reality, because combination and oily skin also need nutrition and hydration .

Homemade nourishing cream

To prepare a good homemade nutritious cream, all we need is: cucumbers, coconut oil and water . Next we leave you with the homemade nutritious cream recipe.

Honey cream and olive oil for the skin

Apart from this, there is an old but effective preparation that provides incredible results too, it is about mixing honey with a few drops of olive oil . a wonderful homemade nutritional cream with visible results in 1 week, just by applying it 4 or 5 times a week you have enough.

Homemade cucumber wrinkle cream

1 kilo of cucumbers is cut into slices and placed in a container with 2 liters of water. This is placed in a water bath and boiled with a high heat. Once this point is reached, the heat is lowered and allowed to boil until the content is reduced to 50%. Once this is achieved, everything is removed and strained, removing the liquid and leaving only the remaining paste. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and beat well until it is a smooth paste. This preparation must be kept airtight and in the refrigerator. It is applied at night before going to bed. (It is used for all skin types).

Honey, egg and almond oil cream

There is a variety of the previous one that for my taste is more complete, it consists of beating an egg yolk to the point of snow, adding honey and almond oil , this is a quite effective nutritious homemade cream and is valid for all types of skins.

Buy a good nourishing cream

In the pharmacy it is something that if you do not understand creams it can be a bit complex, the best thing in these cases is to ask our pharmacist, he can advise us perfectly, the homemade nutritional creams that we have provided are really good.

Here is a detailed study with the two best wrinkle creams on the market for 2019 .

We leave you an analysis of the best anti-wrinkle cream in the Hispanic market on the Internet, Nezeni anti-aging cream

The best nourishing cream

Saying which is the best nourishing cream is not really objective, since depending on factors such as skin type, fat, mixed, dry, age, night creams, day creams … you can do better with a cream or another, but we can guide you to research cream brands such as ROC Wrinkle correxio, Neostrata, Nivea, Olay, Annayake

Nourishing hand cream

Because you also have to take care of your hands, we have fabulous nourishing creams for hands at the pharmacy , for example, the white label of the Mercadona supermarket, Deliplus, also the Oriflame nourishing hand cream is highly valued, another very good cream is Eucerin Ph5, and to finish a nutritious hand cream that contains urea and that for many is the best Ureadin.


The sunscreens , also known as sunscreens, serve as everyone knows, to protect the skin from burns caused by sunlight. Sun creams are classified by factors and there are two types, with physical filters and with chemical filters. Dermatologists strongly advise using a good high protection sunscreen (high factor).

Factor indicated according to the skin

For light and sensitive skin (in summer) it is recommended to use a sun cream of factor greater than 50, if there is no risk of high radiation level (other time of year), a factor of 25 or 30 can be used. Dark skin subjected to a high radiation index (summer) you must use a factor 30, if the index is very high (according to time) you must use a sun cream with a factor greater than 50. At another time of year it is enough to use factor 15 or 25, according to radiation level.

Pharmacy sun creams

In our usual pharmacy we can find different types of sun creams, but knowing how to choose a good sun cream is not only about looking at the price and choosing the most expensive, to choose an effective sun cream we must consult our pharmacist, indicating the type of skin to which will be applied, detailing both the age of the person and whether it is light skin or dark skin, our pharmacist will know how to guide us on the best sun cream we can buy, and above all, the most suitable and effective sun protection according to our particular case, since it is not the same sunscreen for children a sunscreen for adults .

Homemade solar oil

First of all, we want to clarify that sun oil is always a tanner, not a protector, and we are not just talking about homemade sun oil, any type of sun oil has a tanning effect, not a protector. That said, let’s move on to see how to make a homemade solar oil. Soy oil (50 ml), avocado oil (30 ml) and walnut oil (20 ml) are used for homemade solar oil . These three types of oils are mixed by vigorously stirring them, once this is done it is stored in an airtight bottle and is ready to use.

Good sun cream

Buying a good sun cream is not as complicated as it may seem, we just have to be a little informed about it. It is very important to be clear for whom the sun protection is directed, children or adults, another factor to take into account is the type of skin, light or dark, from there we can ask in the pharmacy and surely there are many brands that will give Excellent results, here are some good brands of sun creams ordered alphabetically, all of them guaranteed: Acofar, Apliderm, Avene, Cosmeclinik, Isdin, Klorane, La Roche Posay, Otc Ibérica, Vichy. Among them, saying which is the best sun cream on the market would really be in a bathroom, since all these brands are treated to protect the skin from sunlight, depending on the factor we choose.


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