What Is Nonallergic Rhinitis(vasomotor rhinitis);What Does It Do

Nonallergic Rhinitis (Vasomotor rhinitis) is a vague term describing chronic rhinitis without an allergic basis. It is indistinguishable from allergic rhinitis except for chronicitys.

The causes of vasomotor rhinitis is have been ascribed to bacterial and food allergies, but documentation of these agents is meager and the mechanism is really unknown Occasionally, a patient with allergies to a variety of ubiquitous substances may present, without a clear-cut seasonal environmental history because of the overlapping allergens.

These patients may recall a time when their symptoms Were seasonal, and skin tests may be helpful in sorting out the problem In general, however, the bulk of patients with perennial rhinitis at home or away, in summer and winter, will not yield a definite etiologic agent.

Treatment is symptomatic If sprays have been abused, it is useful to discontinue the laments on one side only for a few days and then on the other side  patient can breathe through the treated side while the other is recovering from the rebound effects of the drug. Antillistaminics such as brompheniramine • Dimetane), 4 mg every four hours, are sometimes helpful but rarely very successful Some patients are helped by a nasal dexamethasone spray ‘Turbinairei once on each side twice a day This may produce relief without administering an effective systemic dose and thereby avoid the undesirable side effects.

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