Nioh 2 max level | What is the level cap?

Like many action RPGs, Nioh 2 has a leveling system that allows players to improve their character. But what is the maximum level? Does it change with the DLC? Well if you are wondering this then you have come to the right place as we will explain how the game level cap works!

What is the maximum level in Nioh 2?

The maximum level for the basic version of Nioh 2 is 300. If you play the Tengu Disciple DLC, the limit will be increased to 400. Also, if you play the Darkness in Capital DLC, players can reach level 600. Lastly, with the latest DLC max, the first samurai, the max level has been increased to 750.

Players can reach the level cap by visiting Shrines and using Amrita. By doing this, players can increase their overall power and improve various stats. However, players must choose wisely when doing this, as these choices can affect their character’s effectiveness.

Players who are more aggressive and fight closely may want to invest in Attack (Melee Weapon 2) and Agility. While players who want to deal damage from afar may want to invest in Attack (Ranged Weapon 1 and 2). No matter what you choose to invest in, be sure to play this game. It’s also important to note that items are capped as well, so make sure you are aware of this before fighting off the hordes of yokai.

Now that you know the max level in Nioh 2, you have a goal to reach while trying to stop the hordes of yokai. It’s also worth noting that the level cap will likely increase with any future DLC as well.


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