Nioh 2 guide, tips, tricks and secrets

Welcome to our complete guide to Nioh 2 . In this prequel to the 2017 game, we will travel through the Japan of the unification era, embodying an anonymous hero who is half Yokai . Hand in hand with Tokichiro, a mysterious spirit stone merchant. Will you manage to resolve the conflict with the creatures and save the country? Well, we’ll see.

The guide is under construction. There are several contents that will be constantly expanded , and others that will be created when we have enough personal experience to speak about them properly.

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Tips to start playing

  • The first thing: you’re going to die outrageously. Don’t get frustrated, the levels actually last about 20 minutes, but it can quite possibly take you around an hour for reps. Take the opportunity to see how enemies behave.
  • Defeat as many red wraithsas you can . In this way you will constantly get equipment that you can offer in the sanctuaries to get Amrita, sell to get gold or dismantle to get materials with which to create new equipment.
  • Learn how to use the ax. If you are a player with skill, you can surely adapt to any weapon, but the ax is the weapon that offers the most benefits with the least effort.
  • In the same way, try to carry ammunition for your long range weapons. If the monsters have not fallen in your presence, you can take advantage to aim and shoot them in the head.
  • Learn how to properly use the Ki Pulse.
  • Find all the Kodamas in the first game. It is important that you find the available frogs the first time you do each mission. It will give you access to advantages that can be used throughout the region.


Our protagonist, whom we can create and customize completely, is descended from a warrior who killed Yokai … and a Yokai. From this union our character was born, a Changeling, capable of temporarily transforming into a demon to finish off enemies. Throughout the story missions that take place in five different regions, you will have to fight characters inspired by Japanese history and mythology. As always, we will take you by the hand to complete 100% of the main missions, without spoilers or with the least possible number of them.


[In construction]

Side quests

Aside from the main missions, we have a ton of secondary assignments ranging from training missions to gain skills, to exploration and elimination. As we do with the main ones, we will tell you when to activate them, how to navigate the mapping without risks and we will include tips for the possible bosses of each area.

[In construction]


The cute frogs that function as collectibles are back. In this post about where to find all the Kodamas , we will show you … well, that. How to find all the frogs in each region and each mission, plus why you should find them.

[In construction]

Thermal waters

Like the Kodamas, the second collectible that returns from the first Nioh is the hot springs . These small spaces of peace allow you to regain all your health, as well as providing you with a temporary regeneration effect. Having them all located will give you a certain tactical advantage, allowing you to heal without using an altar and respawn all enemies .

[In construction]


Throughout all its missions, Nioh 2 presents us with a good number of final bosses to defeat in order to advance. As always in these games, this kind of fighting is the high point of every mission … and the most complicated . To give you a bit of a head start in combat, we’ll tell you about each final boss and give you tips for easily defeating them. Keep in mind that this section, when naming the final bosses, could be considered to include spoilers .

[In construction]


The weapons . A classic in role-playing and action games, essential to advance the adventure. You can fight with your fists, but it won’t be anywhere near as effective as using weapons for melee or ranged combat.


The game is not just full of bosses, of course. We also have quite a few normal enemies to deal with. We have from basic enemies to other high-class Yokai, and even bosses that we later meet in the form of annoying mini-bosses. Here we will try to solve all the doubts and problems you have with them, so that you can know how to defeat anything.

Guardian spirits

One of the changes in this prequel is the functioning of the Guardian Spirits . Now, depending on the spirit we choose, we can temporarily become one of three different Yokai forms , use their special attack and, most importantly, we can assign Yokai powers to use as magical attacks .

  • All Guardian Spirits These are all spirits in the game. Most of them will be achieved simply by advancing the story.
  • Soul Cores: These “accessories” for our Guardian Spirits will allow you to use special attacks.
  • What is the best Soul Core? :Although it seems incredible and unlike what happens in other posts like this, here we can speak of a Core that is much superior to the others and extremely powerful.

How to play online

The game inherits the online features from the original title. We can play online with friends following a few simple steps, or fight against the shadows of players fallen in combat. Here we will explain what you need to know about:

  • Red Wraith: Fights against the data of other players.
  • Blue Wraiths A cooperative mode with data from other players and does not require that someone else actually be playing. You will always have help available!
  • Cooperative: everything you need to know to personally play yourself and not your data, or how to summon another player to give you a cable.


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