Call of Duty: Warzone guide, cheats, tips and secrets

Welcome to our Call of Duty: Warzone guide . We’ve wanted to separate this guide from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guide for several reasons. Among them, the most important would be that they are, in fact, different games . Ready to get into combat of 150 players in groups of three at most?

Although, in general terms, the mechanics are very similar to those of other Battle Royale , we want to discuss with you a couple of points that it is important that you have clear. Eye to the patch:

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Better weapons

Arsenal is the cornerstone of any shooter , and COD: Warzone was not going to be less in this regard. As in any guide worth its salt, we have compiled the best weapons of this Battle Royale, so that you can destroy everything and be victorious.


  • How do weapons work and get in COD Warzone? :Here we clarify how weapons are obtained in games.
  • What are the best weapons by category in Warzone? :If you are looking for the best weapon of a specific type, visit this link.
  • The weapons of legendary level :in case you are on the hunt for the rarest.
  • The best loadouts :we recommend the best specialized equipment by class.
  • Oddities and Odds : Wedetailed the system by weapon rarity and colors, and its odds in loot chests.

Tips to win

In this section with tips to start playing , we will try to start your experience comfortable. We will explain things like the different game modes , things to keep in mind when starting to play , what you must do to get money or how to get a good team with which to face your rivals.

Best places to land

Knowing the best places to land is the ABC of how to start the games on the right foot. In this section we want to tell you about those places indicated as good landing points and the places with the best loot . If you are anxious, we also give you tips to get to the ground sooner .

Gulag: how to revive

In our section with tips to start playing we have included some words dedicated to the Gulag and the self-resurrection mechanics , but here we are going to get more specific. Do you have questions about whether you can resurrect again or how to resuscitate in the Gulag ? Well, we will solve them for you here.

Challenges, missions and contracts

COD: Warzone contains, like many other Battle Royale games, a series of challenges, missions and contracts that can be fulfilled to increase the PX of our account, improve the levels of the Battle Pass, and obtain various rewards . In this section we cover everything you have to know about it.

  • Challenges :we explain what they are and how they are activated.
  • Warzone missions :we clarify how they work and what rewards there are for completing them.
  • Contracts :if you don’t know which ones there are, how they are activated and how they are completed, we will tell you.

Kill streaks

The gusts of casualties have always been the watchword of the series Call of Duty, and Warzone not going to be less. We have back some of the best known, although in this particular game their obtaining is not precisely related to the casualties we make, but must be acquired with ingame money . To review all the news in this regard we have prepared the following information.

  • How are Casualty Streaks achieved in Warzone? : Wedetail exactly how kill streaks are acquired.
  • What Kill Streaks Are Available? :We explain what is available and what each one does.
  • Tips for buying and using Casualty Streaks :If you don’t know which one is best for each moment of the game, we’ll tell you.

Earn money

In COD: Warzone you can earn money during your games, something that can have a direct impact on granting you advantages with which to improve your position towards the end of the games and achieve the desired victory. As it is a key aspect of the game, here we explain how to earn money.

  • Best methods to get fast money :there are 3 main methods, all easy to perform.
  • What is the money for in COD Warzone? :If you have doubts about what it is used for, take a look at this section.
  • Location of supply stations :a detailed map with the location of each and what you can buy in them.


An important part of this Battle Royale falls on the presence of the vehicles that we have available. There are 5 models in total at the launch of Warzone and each one provides us with certain advantages on the battlefield. It doesn’t matter if you have a license or not, with our help you can drive them all. We give you general advice for its use and we also detail the location on the map of all helicopters .

COD Points

The COD Points are the premium currency of the franchise from Activision. In COD: Warzone we also have them very present, and that is that they are in fact shared with our account associated with COD: Modern Warfare 2019. If you have doubts about them, take a good look at everything we have prepared for you.

  • How to get COD Points in Warzone? – Webreak down how to purchase these lots of premium coins.
  • How can I get free COD Points? :The only way to get them for free is through the Battle Pass, as we have here.
  • What are COD Points for? : They willcustomize your experience at various levels.
  • Caution with scams and hacks of COD Points :a warning against scams that run on the Internet.

Battle pass

You could not miss the experience of this Battle Royale, the Battle Pass is already a constant in this kind of games, and COD: Warzone of course has its own. We have thoroughly reviewed everything related to it, so that you don’t miss a thing.

  • How does the Battle Pass work? :If it is your first time with one of these, its operation is simple.
  • How much does the Battle Pass cost and how to buy it? :we will tell you what it costs in COD Points and what is equivalent in real money.
  • What rewards does the Battle Pass contain? :A list of the main prizes you will win.
  • Methods to quickly climb the levels of the Battle Pass :There are a handful of things that will help you climb through the 100 levels of the pass.

Minimum requirements on PC

Obviously, PC gamers have to meet minimum requirements to be able to move the game. Will your PC be able to deal with it? Well, that’s what the specs are for. Keep in mind that you have the minimum requirements to play , the recommended requirements to play well , the competitive requirements (to play frame rates per second above 60fps stable) and the ultra requirements , for the most demanding players in the technical section.

How to download it for free?

The game is free. So far, it’s pretty clear: Like most Battle Royale , Warzone is F2P and can be downloaded for free . In this section we’ll let direct download links for the PS4 version , the version of Xbox One and PC version .

Easter Eggs and secrets

Something that is not missing in many video games and that always teases the gaming community are Easter eggs and secrets . Apparently COD: Warzone also has many winks and tributes prepared that the community has been locating. Like references to traditional maps of the franchise , or some mysterious military bunkers that perhaps could be opened with some unknown password. All that and more we show you also in our guide.

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Frequent questions

  • Is it free or Modern Warfare required? : In case you have doubts about it, we want to talk to you about whether you can play without having the main game.
  • How to fix the error with DirectX :There are a number of problems with DirectX that the game drags from Modern Warfare . The community has come up with some solutions that could help you.
  • Do you have crossplay? :We show you what you have to do to be able to play with your friends, regardless of the platform.
  • Do you need PlayStation Plus or Gold to play? – Youmay have to pay a subscription to play, even if it’s a free-to-play .
  • How to play alone? :If what you really want is to play alone without a platoon, we explain how to configure the game for it.
  • How to play with keyboard and mouse on consoles? :If what you want is to improve your precision, we will tell you how to configure everything.


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