Nfortec Aqueronte;Review

The Nfortec Aqueronte is a large chassis (tower type) that is positioned at the top of the catalog of the Spanish company, and that attracts attention at first glance for offering a design with minimalist nuances, elegant and very careful . That sobriety contrasts, as we will see later, with its “gaming spirit” , something that becomes evident when the RGB LED lighting of its fans is activated.

There are contrasts that greatly improve the attractiveness of a product, and in the case of the Nfortec Aqueronte we are facing one of the best examples we can find. However, this chassis is more than just a pretty face , as we are going to discover in this analysis, where we will tell you about our experience making a complete assembly with it, and we will see everything it can offer to the user.

For the assembly that we have carried out in the Nfortec Aqueronte we have had the Nfortec Atria 360 liquid cooling kit , which we had the opportunity to analyze recently and which, as we saw, offers such good performance that it is able to keep under control, without problems. , the temperatures of a chip as powerful as the Intel Core i9-11900K.

Before getting into the matter, we want to thank Nfortec for lending us both components for a few days. Now, let’s go for the analysis.

Nfortec Acheron, external analysis

The Nfortec Acheron is a well finished box, and well designed. It’s the first impression he gave me right out of the box. We have totally angular and flat lines that fit perfectly with that commitment to a minimalist design that, as we anticipated, is noticeable in all sections of the chassis. Special mention should be made of the front, where we find a grille that allows the fans to be seen subtly , and which is finished with the Nfortec logo.

We can remove the front in a very simple way, we just have to pull firmly and that’s it. Replacing it is just as simple, since we will only have to do a little pressure . This is important, since it means that we can clean the fans with total comfort, and without having to remove the hardware.

At the top we have the set of buttons and front connectors. The Nfortec Aqueronte has two USB Type-A 2.0, identified in black, two USB Type-A 3.0 connectors , in blue, and two 3.5 mm jacks for sound and voice (headphones and microphone). Next to these, in a central position, are the power, reset and LED lighting control buttons. The latter is very useful, since it will allow us to control the RGB LED lighting of the fans included with the Nfortec Aqueronte. Finally, in the upper area we also find two removable and easy-to-clean dust filters .

We now go on to review the side, where we see a tempered glass door that protects the components and allows, at the same time, to show the inside of our equipment. As you can see in the images at the end of the article, this allows us to show off our components, and enjoy the internal RGB LED lighting. To remove the tempered glass cover, we have to remove four screws. On the inside of the chassis we have another removable dust filter, and on the back there are two 120mm fans with RGB LED lighting that draw hot air from inside.

The Nfortec Acheron comes with a total of five RGB LED illuminated fans. As we have anticipated, two of them are located at the rear and are 120mm. The other three fans are 140 mm, are located on the front , and take care of bringing cold air inside. In order to control the fans, and centralize the cabling a bit, this chassis comes with an ARGB fan controller that is pre-installed, and connected, in the upper left part of the back, right in the space where the power supply will also be installed. feeding.

And speaking of the power supply, the Nfortec Acheron uses a rather curious approach to its assembly, since we have to install this component in the upper half and laterally. It is not complicated, and in fact the space they have dedicated to it is very good, something we will talk about later.

The interior of the Nfortec Aqueronte is very spacious, and this will allow us to mount almost any type of configuration that we can think of without problems . Cabling management has also been fine-tuned a lot, thanks to the openings we have not only in the usual area, around the section dedicated to the motherboard, but also in the upper half, where we can pass cabling without problems, as long as Let’s be careful not to hinder the power supply. On the back side we have space for two 2.5-inch drives and two 3.5-inch drives.

The Nfortec Aqueronte comes with all the necessary hardware, includes flanges and adapters and even has a remote control that will allow us to control the lighting, so we do not need anything to start enjoying it completely from the first moment.

Specifications of the Nfortec Acheron

  • Chassis in tower format.
  • Compatible with E-ATX, ATX, MicroATX and ITX motherboards.
  • Supports graphics cards up to 383mm long.
  • Supports CPU cooling systems up to 195mm tall.
  • It comes with 9 horizontal and 2 vertical expansion slots.
  • Provides synchronization of lighting to motherboard (3-pin).
  • Compatible with all-in-one liquid cooling systems up to 360mm at the front and top, and up to 240mm at the rear.
  • Made of steel, plastic and tempered glass.
  • Measurements: 425 mm x 240 mm x 550 mm.
  • Two bays for 2.5-inch drives and two for 3.5-inch drives.
  • Front connectors: two UBS Type-A 2.0, two USB Type-A 3.0, two 3.5 mm jack.
  • Three easy-to-clean removable dust filters.
  • Supports power supplies up to 195mm.
  • It includes five RGB LED illuminated fans, two at the rear (120mm) and three at the front (140mm).
  • It has an ARGB controller and a remote control.
  • Price: 74 euros.

Nfortec Aqueronte, our experience

Before starting the assembly process, the ideal is to familiarize yourself with any chassis that we are going to use, and be clear about the guidelines that we are going to follow, especially for cable management. With the Nfortec Aqueronte we have quite a few options, and since it has openings in the upper part , it was clear from the beginning where the wiring of the Nfortec Atria 360 was going to pass, the liquid cooling kit that we have used for this assembly.

These are the components that we have assembled in the Nfortec Acheron:

  • ASUS Z590 Maximus XIII Hero motherboard.
  • Intel Core i9-11900K processor.
  • 16GB of 3,600MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum White RAM.
  • Crucial 1TB SATA III 2.5-inch SSD as main drive.
  • Windows 10 64-bit as the operating system.
  • Corsair RM1000x 80 Plus GoldPower Supply .
  • Radeon RX 6600 XTgraphics card assembled by XFX.
  • All-in-one liquid cooling Nfortec Atria 360.

The assembly process was very easy, mainly thanks to the generous internal space that the Nfortec Acheron offers. As I have said on previous occasions, the ideal when facing any assembly is that you try to mount everything you can on the motherboard before proceeding to fit it into the chassis . In my case, I mounted the processor, liquid cooling pump, and RAM. It was clear to me that the liquid cooling was going to go up, so I adjusted the tubes to the correct position and voila.

It has no mystery, we just have to screw the motherboard and the radiator using the corresponding screws and that’s it. To hide the wiring of the Nfortec Atria 360, I patiently inserted each cable through the small openings at the top, and then proceeded to connect them to activate the RGB LED lighting.

In that area goes the power supply.

Once we have this done, we have to introduce the power supply. We have enough space to work comfortably , but I recommend that, before inserting the source, you connect all the cables that you know you will need. Once done, we introduce it with the fan facing outwards (otherwise it will be putting hot air into the chassis), and we screw it in.

When we’re done, we just need to connect the source and box wiring. It has no greater mystery, the connectors on the front panel of the Nfortec Acheron go at the bottom of the motherboard, the USB 3.0 in the middle area , and the included controller must be connected to a SATA power connector of our power supply. . The Nfortec Atria 360 uses another SATA connector for power, so keep that in mind.

In this assembly, I decided to take part of the wiring through the farthest openings on the motherboard because, if I used the closest ones, the wiring would be in a too forced position, and with a tension that did not seem to me to be recommended. Despite this, the result has been quite good, as you can see in the attached images.

Throughout the assembly process, I was able to work in complete comfort, and I didn’t have the slightest problem. However, the fact that the 2.5-inch drive bays are located in an area where they interfere with the openings for cable management is a point for improvement in future designs, and would also better fine-tune the position of the drive. the openings closest to the motherboard, which should be slightly further apart. On the other hand, the position of the ARGB controller is not the best either.

In the attached images, you can see how the assembly was, everything clean and with the wiring perfectly ordered and reduced to a minimum. I decided to use the furthest spaces because if I resorted to the closest ones, the wiring was in too tight and forced positions, and it did not seem ideal considering that we can damage the connectors on the motherboard.

I must say that the result was very good, and that having the power supply in the upper part of the Nfortec Aqueronte we have a very achieved feeling of spaciousness, you just have to look at the huge spaces that we find in the upper and lower sections. . Regarding RGB LED lighting, we can control it in a simple way both with the remote control and with the LED button integrated in the tower. Each press shows us a new lighting profile, including from the classic rainbow effect to others with different color mixtures. We can also choose to control it with the software of our motherboard.

We are in the final stretch of the analysis, and we have to talk about air flow and cooling. The enormous internal space, and the cleanliness that we have achieved in the assembly, allow the air to flow without problems , and thanks to the three huge 140 mm fans located on the front the cold air intake flow is very large. With the two fans blowing air in the rear we have a fantastic combination to face any hardware configuration with guarantees.

In this case, by adding the Nfortec Atria 360 on top, we managed to accelerate the extraction of hot air, and the temperatures that I obtained in my tests were, as we can see in the attached graph, very good. We might think that, as a counterpart, this configuration is very noisy, but the truth is that it has surprised me precisely because of the opposite.

Final notes: A remarkable chassis, with small details that can be improved

In terms of build and design quality, the Nfortec Acheron scores at a high level. It is a solid and well-finished tower that combines steel, tempered glass and plastic details and offers us a great deal of internal space.

The price of the Nfortec Acheron may seem high, but when we realize that it comes with three 140mm fans with RGB LED lighting, and with another two 120mm fans with RGB LED lighting, its price starts to be more reasonable. We cannot forget, in addition, the detail of the controller and the remote control, two other peripherals that represent an added value.

In value for money, the Nfortec Acheron is a very good value , and offers enough space to mount almost any type of configuration that we can think of. The front connector layout is correct, but a USB Type-C port is missing, and the location of the openings for cable management could have been fine-tuned a bit better, as discussed above.

Another detail that can be improved is the management of the wiring in the “ugly face” of the equipment, since a tower of this level, and in this price range, should have spaces or fasteners dedicated to better collect the wiring . As this does not exist, in the Nfortec Aqueronte we have to pull the flanges at all times, something that is not particularly complicated either, but which obviously represents a bit of extra work, and which complicates any future adjustment of our configuration.

click to enlarge

Continuing with the theme of cable management in the Nfortec Aqueronte, it would also change the position of the controller , and modify the distribution of the upper grille located in the space dedicated to the power supply, since with so many openings at the end it ends looking at the wiring no matter how much you try to hide it. I would only leave a couple of rows with openings to facilitate the management of the cables of a liquid cooling with RGB LED lighting, or of any fan that we decide to install, without further ado.

Taking a general balance, my experience has been very positive, and it is clear to me that the Nfortec Aqueronte is, despite these improvable details, a good option within its price range , especially due to its enormous internal space, its build quality. and the excellent air flow that it achieves with the five fans that it integrates.

Final assessment



Expansion possibilities.
5 fans included.
Home cooling.
Build quality.


No front USB Type-C.
Cable management.
Controller location.


In terms of build and design quality, the Nfortec Acheron scores at a high level. It is a solid and well-finished tower, which combines steel, tempered glass and plastic details and offers us a great deal of internal space. Taking a general balance, my experience has been very positive, and it is clear to me that the Nfortec Aqueronte is, despite these improvable details, a good option within its price range, especially due to its enormous internal space, its build quality. and the excellent air flow that it achieves with the five fans that it integrates.

Build quality9

Design and finishes8.5

Expansion possibilities10

Installation and assembly8.5

Price quality8.5

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