Neus Català

Neus Català Pallejà . Spanish politician and activist. Survivor of the Nazi concentration camp in Ravensbrück .


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Daughter of a peasant family in the Priorat region.

“He was a peasant, and the barber of the town, and whatever it took. But he was also a militant meaning of the Catalan Unified Socialist Party (PSUC) that always told Neus seven words that she, unfortunately, had to remember at the same time. throughout his life on numerous occasions: ‘Never look down on anyone.’

Teresa del Hoyo, general secretary of the Amical de Ravensbrück


  • At age 15, he joined the PSUC.
  • She went on her own to Barcelona to become a nurse, studying, which she could not finish due to the outbreak of the Civil War .
  • 1937 . She became what was then called a ‘blood nurse’ and was assigned by the party to the Las Acacias colony to take care of the orphans and children of combatants and prisoners of the Republic, the children of Negrín.
  • 1939 . When Franco’s troops were entering Barcelona, ​​and everyone was fleeing, Neus said that she would not leave without the 182 children she was in charge of. He handed them over to the French authorities, who distributed them among Belgian and national families.

In the French resistance

He avoided the refugee camps of exiles and traveled to Tournac. There she fell in love with the Occitan Albert Roger. The relationship lasted a year.

  • He possessed French nationality and was dedicated to acting as a liaison, centralizing the reception and transmission of messages, passing weapons and documentation or giving shelter to political refugees.
  • 1943 . It is said that the Sarlat pharmacist alerted the Germans of his activity
  • She was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Limoges
  • 1944 , February 3; being in Compiègne, she saw Albert for the last time when the ‘train of death’ arrived that was going to transfer her to Germany, towards the largest death camp for women: the Ravensbrück camp .

The Commando de las Gandulas

Sent to Holleischen, a Siemens company complex for the manufacture of weapons, she began a new task of resistance: that of the sabotage of Nazi weapons through the so-called ‘Comando de las Gandulas’.

{System: Quote | “The name was given by the camp authorities who thought they were vague; that the work did not come out because they did not work. But nothing could be further from reality. The women organized to boycott the bullets by putting dead flies in them or spit “. It is said that they disabled 10 million projectiles and that they destroyed several machines. Teresa doesn’t believe it. “Not even they know; it is impossible to know how many”}}.


  • 1945 , April 30. Ravensbrück was liberated by the Red Army.
  • Albert Roger, left the Bergen-Belsen camp, but was in such poor condition that he died a week later.
  • In France, Neus entered a spa thanks to the mediation of a niece of Charles De Gaulle who dedicated herself to helping Spanish deportees. There he met his second life and struggle partner: Félix Sancho.


  • Gold Medal of the Generalitat. Tribute, by extension, to all the people who suffered the consequences of the war, the Franco dictatorship and internment in prison and extermination camps.
  • Declared 2015 ‘Year of Neus Català’. Coordinated by the Catalan Women’s Institute and supported by a large group of Spanish organizations.


  • 2000 . From resistance to deportation . Result of the compilation of the names of all the Spanish women who, like her, had suffered the evil of deportation. “With five companions, from memory, he gathered names. Later he went looking for them to ask for their testimony.”
  • 2012 . Ashes in the sky . Co-authorship with the writer Carme Martí.


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