Natural Foods:Is it still possible to eat Natural Food

Natural foods , or fresh foods , are all that come from nature. Do not confuse with organic, which are natural foods without the use of pesticides or pesticides.Natural (or in natura) foods are those that do not undergo industry processing and therefore do not contain any type of chemical additive.These are the foods that should be most present in the diet, as well as the minimally processed ones , which do not contain chemical substances, but need to go through industrial steps such as cleaning, grinding, pasteurization, etc.

Natural Foods:Is it still possible to eat Natural Food

This group includes vegetables ( I love a soup of vegetables ), vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, meat, chicken, fish and eggs, rice, beans, lentils, dried fruits, nuts and nuts (without salt or sugar), flour, pasta. Fresh and mushrooms.

What are processed foods?

This category includes processed products , which go through industrial stages and have added chemical components (such as preservatives, flavorings, colorants, etc.), as well as salt, fat and sugar. These ingredients are added in order to make the product more tasty and also more durable.

Some examples are cheese, bread, pickled vegetables, compost, canned tuna or sardines, among others.We also consider processed foods all ultra- processed products , which are practically industry formulas, made with various artificial ingredients.

What does that mean? Which contain little or no true food in your base!The ultraprocessed ones are the ones that should be less present in our food. These products include sausages and various other sausages, crackers, ice cream, salad dressings, sodas, cake mixes, cereal bars, instant soups and noodles, nuggets, frozen ready food, snacks, stuffed crackers, etc.

What are the characteristics of 100% natural foods?

As its name implies, they are 100% of nature, whether vegetable or animal, that guarantee healthier nutrients, a brighter color, sharper flavor and often smaller size than those found on shelves. from the supermarket.

They are usually confused with organic products , but these foods are produced from a raw material, but still respecting the environment. A good way to obtain natural foods is to set up your own garden, thus ensuring that pesticides and other substances stay away from foods. A simple sprout of cabbage in your backyard, for example, can ensure a healthy and 100% natural food as long as you keep it.

What are the benefits of 100% natural foods? Check out:

1 – Tastier: 100% natural foods retain the authentic taste of foods as they are not mixed with other substances.

2 – Are rich in nutrients: These types of foods also preserve the nutrients found in their composition. Since without the addition of pesticides and pesticides, the substances are not nullified.

3 – They are healthier: Natural foods, as they have no addition of other toxins, prevent any possibility of ingesting carcinogens, also brought by pesticides.

4 – Favors weight loss: 100% natural vegetables, fruits and vegetables have a reduced amount of calories, favoring weight loss in a balanced and healthy way.

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