What are the names of the teeth and how many of them do we have in our mouth

Did you know that the dental arch is considered an organ of the human body? Given its importance it could not be different. It is responsible for chewing and is grouped into four sectors. Shall we meet them?

The teeth are formed by pulp, dentin, enamel and cement. Initially, we all have 20 baby teeth, as our first dentition is called. Only after early childhood, we have 32 permanent teeth. See what they are now.

Molar Teeth

Let’s start with the first permanent teeth that are born: the molars. There are six of them, responsible for grinding food into very small pieces. All this thanks to its shape with several points. Their function is so important for digestion that they appear in children from the age of six. They have an exception: before them there are no baby teeth. They are already born permanent.

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Premolar teeth

As the name implies, premolars serve to grind food. To assist in this process, they have two tips on the top layer. Altogether, there are four teeth responsible for grinding and crushing the food we eat.

Canine teeth

We have four teeth in this group, two on top and two on the bottom. They have a point, as well as a spear. Its main function is to tear the food and forward it to the subsequent teeth, which are premolars and molars.

Incisor teeth

Included in this category are the four front teeth. Their main function is to cut while chewing. They are the first to be born as baby teeth in children from six months of age. They have another important task: aesthetics and speech.

Some issues related to teeth

– Even baby teeth need to be treated with care. Some aesthetic problems of this phase can be inherited by the permanent teeth.

– The toothbrush is one of the greatest allies of oral health. It was invented in China around 1400. It was made with bamboo and animal hair. This model remained until practically the 40’s, when they put the nylon thread.

– Acidic foods can damage tooth enamel. So whenever you eat something like that, brush it off.

– Peppermint gum or gum may harm your teeth due to sugar. So, if you want to improve your breath use the types that are sweetened with xylitol.

– Highly pigmented foods can stain your teeth. Coffee, chocolate, cola-based soda, wine and açaí are rich in dark substances that can yellow the surface of your dental arch.

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