Musical Drum Parts

The drums are a musical instrument that correspond to the percussion elements. The multiple functions that it offers through the drums and cymbals are used in jazz, pop, rock, heavy metal, pop-rock and in many other musical genres. This instrument is the most important element for bands, since without it it is impossible to transmit the appropriate sounds.


The musical battery is considered a polyfunctional, because each of its parts produces different sounds. With the ease that it is manipulated by a single person. In bands this is accompanied by bass, guitar and keyboard. More than 4,000 thousand songs by different artists have used the drums. This is the result of four cultures such as: European, African, Turkish and China.

The musical drums together with the wind instruments are the oldest. According to some sources, the timpani emerged in Africa, giving meaning to its musical culture. Then the timpani in China, the cymbals in Turkey. This utensil saw its popularity begin in the mid-20th century in the United States, producing more hectic or bouncy rhythms.


  • 1The Parts of the Musical Drums are:
    • 1The Drums
    • 2The Patches
    • 3The Hoops
    • 4The Saddle
    • 5The Bass Drum
    • 6The Helmets
    • 7The Box
    • 8The Crash
    • 9The Cymbals
    • 10Hi-hat

The Musical Drum Parts are:

The drums

Drums or timpani are the main part of the drums. These can be made of wood.


The beats that the player gives to the drums make the drums produce the different sounds that can go from a high sound to a low sound. These sounds vary according to the thickness or diameter of the battery.

The patches

The drums are protected by two patches of plastic, latex or other elements, which allow the sound to be played. The first patch is located at the top (above the battery) that allows you to hit it and at the bottom, called resonant, this means that the sound is prolonged or extended.

The Rings

The hoops fit the patches to the drums. Its function allows these elements to have an affinity and that the interpreter can fine-tune them as desired.

The Saddle

The saddle or saddle is the seat where the drummer sits. This is because the drums are played sitting, although a minority prefer to play it standing up. The battery includes a seat because its complete composition requires hands and feet.

There are saddles of different styles, so it is recommended that when buying one you choose the best one (comfort), since a part of the interpreter’s skills depends on how comfortable he is in his chair.

The hype

The kick drum is the drum that produces the lowest sound. This sound is produced by the impulse of the foot, which is placed on the pedal. This pedal is one of the most delicate parts of the battery.

The Helmets

The group of drums that make up the battery is called a helmet. These have different sizes and depths, although they do have the same structure. Helmets can be made of fiberglass, metal, and methacrylate. Depending on the manufacturing element, the sound of the batteries will be different.


It is the drum that produces the highest sound.

The crash

This part of the battery looks like a cymbal. It can measure between 13 to 18 inches. Its name is due to the sound it makes when you touch it.

The dishes

The name is due to the resemblance to a plate to eat. Related to the drum, the cymbals are played at different frequencies. These complement the sounds made by the drums.


They are the cymbals that are together and therefore touch each other in opposite positions.


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