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“  Multi-ethnic society , an impossible dream or an inevitable reality? A great challenge for culture, politics and society as a whole. ” The multi-ethnic society is the result of an inevitable historical process.

Although politicians have tried and are trying to regulate migratory flows through possible laws, immigration to our country, or to “rich” countries in general, is unstoppable.

The individual in general tends to a “greater good”. For this reason, many individuals originating from underdeveloped countries, give rise to migratory flows towards states that enjoy a better economic situation. A very important aspect that influences the formation of a multi-ethnic society is constituted by the numerous racial discrimination . The immigrants are seen as “different”, this because of people’s prejudices.

The multiethnic society: short essay



Instead, they are people the same as us, but different in customs and cultures. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to prepare lines of action to favor their integration into our society, and the essential guarantor for this integration must be the State which must commit itself to providing first reception facilities, health services and the recognition of political and civil rights. In fact, it is precisely the State, helped in this by intolerant towards the “different”, that is partly responsible for manifestations of intolerance towards immigrants. It is precisely these forms of intolerance that are often the triggering cause of violence by non-EU citizens. In fact, if an individual who leaves his country to go in search of employment and decent living conditions, and in the host country is poorly accepted, and is subjected to discrimination, it is logical that he will be predisposed to violence, rather than give up.



In general, you should have a more open mind. Are we ready to accept the entry into the market of new technologies, and do we not accept individuals who are in all respects the same as us? We should facilitate the immigrant, who arrives in a foreign country in difficult conditions: he knows hardly any word of the language of the country in which he is going to settle, and has no economic resources available. Precisely for this reason the State should set up a collection fund for the facilitation of non-EU citizens and for their integration into society. Despite this, the immigrant generally finds integration difficulties, and is disappointed in his expectations, exploited in work and often reduced to slavery, this due to the fact of being seen as “different”. Political forces should instead prevent all this with legislation that recognizes and protects the ethnic and cultural peculiarities of immigrants.


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