Mud Therapy

Mud therapy or Barrotherapy is a particularity of alternative medicine that uses clay and mud to improve health in numerous pathologies due to the various properties they possess, among which their cooling, anti-inflammatory and healing capacity stand out. It can be administered both internally, orally, and externally, using poultices and compresses. Mud or mud has been used since ancient times for medicinal and beautifying purposes. The pre-Columbian cultures of Mexico have used clay to heal and to preserve.


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Mud or mud and clay

There are two types of mud: mud and clay . The natural habitat of the mud is the bottom of the seas or lakes with a great load of organic elements: “detritus”, while the clays that we find at home. Both are a mixture of minerals, depending on their color in the predominant mineral.

The natural habitat of the mud is the bottom of the seas or lakes with a great load of organic elements: “detritus”, while the clays that we find at home. Both are a mixture of minerals, depending on their color in the predominant mineral. Clay has been used since ancient times for medicinal and beautifying purposes. The pre-Columbian cultures of Mexico have used clay to heal and to preserve. Mud is one of the oldest building materials of mankind. In many areas its advantages as a low-cost or no-cost building material have been rediscovered.


Mud therapy session

Mud is one of the most appropriate ingredients to clean the skin. Clay in its various forms helps to stimulate circulation in the skin and even more importantly when we use clay in masks, it dries on the skin, absorbing oils and impurities in the skin. The texture of the clay makes it absorb powerfully when it dries.

Mud-Therapy is nothing more than the application of mud in certain specific points and affected areas, the common name is medicinal mud, but depending on the country where you live it can vary to healing clay, healing mud or healing earth.

Nowadays it is applied internally in capsules for certain treatments and it is also used externally in poultice applications in affected areas, in either of the two ways you have to be sure that the mud is of good quality and that it has not had contact with polluting agents .

The benefits of mud are wonderful, when obtaining them we have to take into account that it is very clean and that it does not contain stones or sand so we will obtain a fine mud to be able to apply it without discomfort.


Since the beginning of mankind and in the biblical times of King Solomon , Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra , the therapeutic utility of clay has been known . All the peoples throughout history have used the properties of clay, earth and mud, as a natural remedy for numerous ailments.
In ancient Egypt, doctors used clay from the hot muds of the Nileto cure different ailments and rheumatic deformations. The embalmers used the clay for mummification of the dead, since they knew the purifying principles of it. Greek and Arab doctors also knew its virtues and used it. The Greeks used it for the treatment of fractures.

In the 19th century, the healing power of wet earth or clay was rediscovered through observations of animals in nature and from then until today, despite differences in method or theories, the fundamental element of mud therapy, the Therapeutic Conception of Clay, has not stopped accompanying man and has prevailed in today’s medicine. That is why developed countries such as Germany , North America, Switzerland , Scandinavia, Australia among others, there are health centers equipped with all modern advances in which mud treatments are applied at a curative level.


At present the therapeutic properties of clay have been irrefutably explained. It is used as an alternative therapy to eradicate and / or compensate for different diseases and conditions both by naturopaths and in official allopathic medicine, which considers it effective in certain treatments, mainly in pulmonary, rheumatic and joint affections. It is popularly used by the man of the country to relieve in case of insect bites. Animals too, by their instinct, know its properties and resort to it to heal their wounds.

Scientific foundations

As the years go by, the human body loses minerals and trace elements. Mud therapy is therefore a good cleansing and health therapy and a fundamental beauty supplement. Clays, muds and muds stand out for their great capacity to absorb toxins and for the contribution of minerals in large quantities quickly and efficiently. In clay we have united the two agents of organic life: earth and water. The union of these two agents makes all that has the germ of life prosper and destroys and decomposes dead matter to transform it into new elements of life.
The healing earth, taken regularly, is the purifying, life-giving, compensating and healing gift, an essential property of nature. It is a powerful dynamogen that restores a stable balance, awakening the activity of deficient glands. It stops microbial cultures, eliminates them, increases the activity of the ferment that exists in cells and the secretion products of the organism.


Among the many properties of mud, the following can be highlighted:

  • Absorbent: absorbs foreign agents, impurities and harmful elements.
  • Antiseptic: neutralizes negative effects of substances that alter the natural order.
  • Regenerating: regenerates and reconstitutes tissues, activates the proper functioning of organs and cells .
  • Purifying: acts intelligently by providing the missing factor to restore balance. That is why we can observe that sometimes, before the application of a poultice, the clay can react generating heat or cold, according to the case and the body in particular.
  • Healing and disinfectant: The pure clay disinfects and heals wounds and burns. Although it cannot be said that clay acts specifically on some types of viruses or bacteria, its presence prevents their proliferation, strengthening the body’s own defenses, neutralizing the wastes inherent in cellular conflicts.
  • Decongestant: ensures drainage by helping evacuation. Helps in indigestion problems, reduces temperature and helps intestinal perstasis. Applied on the head and relieves headache pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory: it acts in a superficial way when there are inflammations produced by various causes and on the internal organs, achieving their decongestion, as for example in congestion of the kidneys, liver, stomach, etc.

In the mud we can see that two components meet, the earth and the water, this union helps us to recover the impurities of the neutralized tissues that we have in the body, in every sick patient the mud should be applied on the affected part and on the belly, it can be applied at any time at any time, regardless of whether it has just been eaten or not.


The mud or clay, the main component of mud therapy is a formidable source of energy and health whose mineral salts are a vital need of our body. We call clay a greasy earth in its humid state and in which nothing can grow or germinate. Its coloration varies, it can be green, red, brown, yellow, gray, white or black. The difference in color reveals a difference in composition and therefore will have different uses, properties and purposes. It is a great moisture retention agent, which helps create a manipulable temperature paste that helps with different muscle and bone ailments. It is cheap and readily available. There are different types of clay, with different qualities. The quality of it is determined by the chemical composition and the presence of foreign bodies. The more virgin and pure the place of extraction, the greater its action. It is very common to associate this clay with that used in pottery, which contains anti-plastics that do not qualify it for its therapeutic use.
Its dark color absorbs all the colors of sunlight and transmits all the energy of this to the body.

Aesthetic conditions that can be treated

  • Deep skin cleansing : thanks to its remineralizing and pH rebalancing action, it is a great cleanser for damaged skin, as it absorbs substances and dead cells, removing them from the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Skin aging: the ingredients that act in this case are cobalt, which sweeps away dead cells and performs a deep polishing without damaging the skin, magnesium that attacks free radicals giving greater firmness, tonicity and elasticity, and other trace elements such as silicon , copper and zinc , in loaded with the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Dry and dehydrated skin: helps balance the pH and skin tone, drags dead cells from the stratum corneum operating with an excellent moisturizing effect that contributes to the recovery of muscle tone.
  • Flaccidity in the bust: it collaborates in the recovery of the tonicity, in this case it is complemented with the massage in order to stimulate the blood circulation and then let it dry to act as a tightening mask
  • Treatment of blemishes or melas, lymphatic drainage and hair loss , and reduces the appearance of cellulite , acne , rosacea, eczema or psoriasis .

Applications in diseases

  • In diseases such as cancer, mud will be applied to the cancer area and on the belly, if the person is in critical condition it would be ideal to keep the mud on the belly all day changing it every 4 hours and in the affected area changing it every hour , the thickness of the mud is specified in the quantity area, mentioned above. If the person for some reason cannot have the mud all day then it will be put on all night.
  • In diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, fever, infections, mud will be applied to the belly all night, these diseases are accompanied by other treatments that will be seen in other editions.

Use of medicinal mud


When applying the mud on the belly and the affected part, the age of the person must be taken into account, for adults it would be ideal overnight, children from 2 to 3 hours, but if a person has a serious disease such as cancer and he wants to regain his health, he must have the mud in his belly day and night, changing said mud every 4 hours and leaving the mud at night all night.

For very strong blows or inflammations, the mud can be applied all day, changing it every hour to have better effect and the one at night, leave it overnight, repeat this until the pain or inflammation disappears.


The thickness of the clay should be 4 to 5 millimeters in applications to the belly, if it is applied in inflammations, pain, tumors, bumps, bites, it will have to be 2 cm thick.

Examples of applications: • Applications in the affected area • In sports blows to the knee or ankle, it helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain. • In rib breaks, it helps to reduce inflammation of the internally affected area and to relieve pain, restores the rib more quickly. • In ovarian pain it helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. • In pain or infection in the kidneys, it helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

How to use

When mixing the water with the mud, a paste that is not hard or soft has to be achieved, the water to be used will be warm water, the instrument to make the mixture will have to be made of wood (palette) and the bucket of plastic.

The way to apply the mud on the belly or on the affected area will be as follows: • First: the layer of mud • Second: newspaper • Third: a cloth strip to fix the mud.

In places where mud can stick, such as hair, or places where mud cannot be applied directly, a thin cloth will need to be applied before applying the mud.

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