Chocotherapy . It is a treatment that makes use of the healing properties of chocolate, taking advantage of its characteristics to achieve an emotional state of relaxation coupled with a rejuvenation of our skin. The chocolate massages are a session designed for your personal enjoyment that the professional cosmetics firm Gerard’s has just launched in beauty institutes. It is ideal for when you feel stressed and with tight or dry skin. Its main effect is endorphinic and sensory, although it will also be noticeable on the skin because it has moisturizing and nourishing properties.


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The chocolate massage treatment is a comprehensive treatment, that is, it covers both body and face. It lasts about an hour in which the first step is to prepare the body with a complete exfoliation based on rotary massages. Next, the mixture of chocolate and almond oil is applied to the back, arms, legs and face. It is massaged and finished with a shower and the application of a cocoa-based moisturizer. To perform these massages, a mixture of pure cocoa, cocoa butter and almond oil is used, which has mineral salts such as magnesium, phosphorus and calcium that hydrate and soften our skin, in addition to having a fat-reducing action, so they are recommended to treat flaccidity and cellulite.


It is a fact that cocoa has antioxidant properties on our skin, whether it is consumed orally or if it is applied cutaneously. This is why cocoa is an excellent element to take care of our skin and our spirit.

Chocotherapy is a beneficial treatment both physically and mentally as it allows us to hydrate and tone our skin at the same time that it helps us relax and put stress aside.

  • Proven antioxidant effect of its components that help in anti-aging treatments, revitalizing the skin in an amazing way.
  • On a psychological level, it has been proven that chocolate through chocotherapy activates Endorphins and stimulates serotonin, which works wonders for our mood, acting as a natural calming agent.
  • Stimulates the senses, hydrates, nourishes and gives elasticity to the skin,

Increases blood and lymphatic circulation, is relaxing and produces general well-being.

  • On a cosmetic level, it is moisturizing, nourishing for the skin and has a draining and anti-cellulite action, improves stress and gives elasticity to the skin.
  • Softness and firmness are gained in our skin.

At the health level, it provides minerals and trace elements: calcium, iron, magnesi, phosphorus, etc. Vitamins: A, E and several of group B. Serotonin: Chocolate consumed orally or through the skin induces the production in the brain of a substance linked to serotonin. This hormone is directly responsible for the person having the sensations of: happiness, tranquility and relaxation.


One of the ways of applying chocotherapy is through a massage, which is done with chocolate oil and applying massage techniques that relax our body, which, added to the action of the oil, lead us to a state of supreme and incomparable relaxation.

It is a treatment that includes face and body. During 70 minutes a complete exfoliation is carried out with the Thermal Gommage formula that is accompanied by a rotating massage with wet mitts. Then the coverage of C (h) occola (t) is prepared at the moment and mixed with almond oil.

The resulting paste melts onto the back, legs and arms. On the face it is bathed with Azulina oil. The best complement is the touch of a good body massage, which is another of the axes of this supreme relaxation treatment. And at the end a shower and a cream with cocoa extracts to leave the skin perfectly hydrated.

Chocotherapy modalities

The chocotherapy massage is performed as a full body massage with chocolate oil, acting as a relaxing and at the same time vitalizing the skin, leaving it soft and lightly perfumed. In this way, use the benefits of aromatherapy. The duration of the massage is 45 minutes.

Another modality is the Chocotherapy wraps: They are made with a special Mouse based on cocoa derivatives. Afterwards, it is spread with a gentle massage throughout the body and then covered with an electric blanket and favor the absorption of its nourishing and revitalizing components. Its duration is about 55 minutes.


Chocotherapy is a therapy that is as curious as it is effective and that guarantees the desired results. Of course, it is advisable not to eat the cocoa that they are spreading on your body.


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