How much does it cost to get married?

The decision and planning of the wedding is one of the most important stages in the life of a couple, but it is necessary to analyze more than just the dream: it is essential to check if the ceremony and the party fit in your pocket.

Thus, knowing how much it costs to get married based on a list or table that indicates how much you can and are willing to invest and work on the available budget is fundamental. (The advantages of an outdoor wedding)

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In addition to holding the wedding according to your dream, it is interesting to go after information about what’s hot for weddings and follow the trends. The most popular and requested ideas in each season, in general, can help you to have a cheap wedding.

How much a wedding costs: learn how to calculate expenses

And if you want to know how to get married without money and still have an unforgettable party, the tip is to start organizing the wedding approximately one and a half years in advance. Thus, there are more chances of being able to reserve a good venue for the event, hire the desired professionals and offer guests the highest quality party services.

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Another very useful tip at this time is to hire a professional to organize the party. Many think about saving money by not hiring an organizer, but help is important to make excellent choices without spending a lot, resulting in a cheap and beautiful wedding.

Based on an event for 100 guests , we select values ​​(total expense of R $ 21,150.00) and tips for you to carefully plan the details of the wedding and have an idea of ​​how much it costs to get married. It is worth mentioning that the values ​​are an average and may vary according to your choices.

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Wedding invitations

The invitation is the preview of your wedding, so the interesting thing is to define the option that best represents the couple. On average, the value of each unit of the invitations is R $ 7.00, varying more or less according to the choice of paper, the presence or absence of embossed scriptures and details (such as ribbons and personalized envelopes) .

The design of the invitation is due to the creativity that you and your fiance have, and can be the most classic and conventional, or even the most fun and casual. It all depends on your profile and the couple’s style.

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Wedding dress

Set aside at least R $ 3,000.00 to rock the big day with your ideal wedding dress, after all, the bride needs to be stunning! The moment of choosing the dress is unique, when you are with friends and family who helped in deciding the best option.

And don’t forget: hairstyle, makeup and accessories always add extra shine to your production and don’t necessarily need to be done in an expensive salon – unless you make a point of bridal treatment. If so, set aside at least another R $ 500.00 to complete the look.

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Groom clothes

The groom is advised to buy a tailored suit instead of rent. In addition to elegance on their wedding day, men will be able to wear the outfit at other social events. The value is on average R $ 700.00 .

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Car rental

To arrive in style on the big day, renting a car costs approximately R $ 400.00 . But if you want tips on how to get married without money and have a cheap wedding, turn to friends and relatives – no doubt someone will be willing to lend you a nice car for the moment.

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In addition to being very popular, churches usually charge a fee for the ceremonies to be held. The base price is R $ 500 . If you make a point of performing the religious ceremony, it is worth the investment. Otherwise, many brides choose to celebrate at the party, saving a few dollars.

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Space for reception / party, buffet, cake and sweets

Gastronomy is a crucial point for the success of the wedding party. Most of the places selected for the reception or wedding party have services included in their rental packages, with values ​​presented at an average of R $ 3,000.00 in the space + food package . In addition to the quality of the food, attention should be paid to the waiter service and the dishes used.

The expenses for the party’s cake and sweets are on the basis of R $ 2,500.00 . And you can’t deny it: who doesn’t like to enjoy the most varied sweets?

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Decoration and souvenirs

The decoration of the space is the presentation of your ceremony and the essence of the party. Costing an average of R $ 3,000.00 , you must have good planning and the help of a professional to set up all the details.

The value of the souvenirs is variable, it depends a lot on what you and your fiancé want to deliver for the guests to remember that moment so special that it is the beginning of life for two.

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Photos and video

Remembrance and memory will continue with the couple throughout their lives. That is why it is very important to choose quality professionals to perform the function of photography and filming for the entire wedding. The hiring of the two types of service leads to the disbursement of, on average, R $ 6,000.00 in total.

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Music for the wedding party

In this regard, it is worth asking for DJs’ recommendations for those who have already had a wedding or are attending parties. As music will be one of the highlights of the party, it is important that the sound quality is impeccable. The approximate value of good DJs on the market is R $ 800.00 .

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Wedding Night and Honeymoon

After all the festivities, it is only fair that the newlyweds enjoy a special time. The Wedding Night asks for a luxury hotel – with prices on the basis of R $ 400.00 . But if you prefer something more simple and intimate, you can save 200 or 300 reais in the reserve.

The honeymoon trip depends a lot on the availability of time and money for the couple. With different options in relation to the days intended for travel, the value is totally variable.

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The main tip is to put all the expenses at the tip of the pencil to know when it costs to get married and observe what are the viable options for your budget. Making your wedding an unforgettable ceremony depends on planning, creativity and price research and it is perfectly possible to have a good wedding without spending a lot.


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