9 suggestions for celebrating a wedding anniversary

Celebrating birthdays of a romantic relationship is something very pleasant and can serve as an extra incentive for couples, both for those who are just beginning a relationship and those who already have a lot of experience.

  • So that you can celebrate your wedding anniversary more successfully, check out the suggestions below.
Dinner at home

Those who enjoy intimate moments can take the opportunity to celebrate their wedding anniversary without leaving the house. If you or your loved one are cooks with a full mother, even better, as it will be possible to celebrate from a dinner made by you.

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However, if you are not familiar with the kitchen, just buy ready-made meals, which can be enjoyed with more satisfaction if you take care of the ambience, choosing the couple’s favorite songs, for example.

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Weekend trip

If you don’t work on the weekend, how about scheduling a trip for two to celebrate your wedding? Choose a place that you both want to visit, be it a city with many tourist attractions or an isolated inn for you to relax with your love.

The important thing is that one takes advantage of the other’s presence, leaving aside daily worries. If you have children, try to leave them with someone you trust, such as the children’s grandparents or godparents.

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Photographic essay

Have you thought about decorating your living room or bedroom with romantic photos of the couple? Because you can do this after presenting yourself with a professional photo shoot. So, you can go to a studio or choose a place with a beautiful landscape to record beautiful moments.

To make the experience even more memorable, select clothes and places that have meaning for the couple

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Lunch or dinner at a sophisticated restaurant

Another way to celebrate is to eat in an elegant restaurant, full of sophisticated dishes and to fill your appetite.

You can choose a different restaurant with meals never tasted by the couple or choose a more cozy and familiar place, with dishes that are unlikely to displease.

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Night out

There are those who think that going to the motel is something for those who are just starting out, but this type of place can also be a great option for couples who have been together for several years.

When spending the night in a motel, feel free to make erotic fantasies, which can help to spice up the relationship even more.

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Longest journey

When you are 10 years old , get ready to celebrate in a special way, as not every couple can survive a decade.

Traveling abroad or even to another Brazilian state is an excellent way to celebrate, especially if you plan to stay longer, such as a week, a month or even the entire period of your vacation.

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Bold gifts

Anyone who celebrates his 35th birthday is past the time to celebrate with bold gifts. This is the case, for example, with a balloon ride or a cruise trip . The gift can also be inspired by the couple’s memories.

An interesting idea is to redo a tour that you had when you were at the beginning of the relationship, which will provide relaxed and nostalgic moments.

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Renewal of votes

After spending time together, you can propose to your husband to renew your wedding vows. Such a celebration can be done in an intimate way, as in a trip for two, or at a barbecue or other type of meeting with more people, to show friends and relatives how much you are a loving couple.

Theme Party

Our last tip for wedding celebration is to organize a themed party, which can be one of the most traditional ones, with songs played at weddings, buffet, waltz, etc.

In addition, it is possible to choose a theme that suits the couple, such as a children’s party, with trampoline, a ball pool, snacks and sweets, birthday cake and everything you are entitled to. If you are people who like adventures, have a party in an open place, like a farm.

When celebrating your wedding with a party, remember to choose a theme that represents the couple’s style and that leaves the guests in the mood to have a long-lasting and happy relationship like yours!


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