Lawn mower or lawn mower . It is a machine , manual or motorized, used to trim grass in gardens , sports fields , etc., so that a grass mat of uniform height is obtained.


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  • 1 History
  • 2 types of lawn mower
  • 3 Manual lawn mower
  • 4 Self-propelled lawn mower
  • 5 Self- supporting lawn mower or tractor
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The idea of ​​a grass cutting machine was conceived in gloucestershire (England) around 1830 by the independent engineer Edwin Beard Budding . Budding, formerly a carpenter at Chalford, was possibly inspired by the rotary designed to cut the fleece from wool woven at the Brinscomb mill.

The Budding Lawn Mower was primarily designed to mow grass in large sports fields and gardens as a superior alternative to the scythe .

His patent the 25 of October of 1830 described a new combination and application of machinery in order to shave or cut surfaces plant grass, grass and fields, the patent was still claiming that the knights of the field using the machine perform an exercise entertaining, useful and healthy.

Types of lawn mower

Depending on the type of blades, there are two types of lawn mowers, rotary and helical.

Rotary lawn mowers are the most common, those used by most people, however they are not suitable for cuts less than 2 centimeters high, so for those meadows that want to be kept at a low height, you must use the helical ones.

Helical mowers are used for low-cut lawns, they can cut even millimeters; the rotary ones, no, for example for an ornamental grass composed of fine species such as agrosti and pruning or for the greens of golf courses have to be done with a helical machine, the cut they give is cleaner than that of the rotary ones , like scissors .

Manual lawn mower

You have to push them to advance, they can have a motor to operate the blades , or not, those that do not have a motor of any kind, are for surfaces of a maximum of up to 500 m2.

Self-propelled lawn mower

They have a gasoline engine that moves the blades and wheels and therefore you do not have to push them, a variant is the air mattress mower that does not have wheels, works with electricity and is suitable for small gardens.


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