Mouse pad

Mouse pad or pad mouse . Pad rubber cover fabric in square shape which provides a flat surface to drag the mouse .

Currently, the mouse pad is a product almost as popular as the advertising magnet , it has a large surface to put useful company data in addition to images. The mouse pads have a rough finish, which allows a perfect glide of the mouse, and the anti-static rubber base does not allow it to slide on the surface where it is resting.


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The pad mouse is one of those modern things that didn’t exist before 1984 . Obviously, it exists only because of computing and specifically the computer mouse, which entered popular culture in the early 1980s with the birth of personal computers.

Initially, people used the mouse directly on any wooden or plastic surface on the desktop, but for more precision with the mouse, the rough surface mouse pad became very important.

The concept of the pad mouse evolved and thus improved its technology and we achieved some improvements in its quality, thus achieving better accuracy in “mousing”. There is even a discussion today as to whether the pad mouse offers any advantage for mousing, but the pad mouse has already taken on a life of its own. Currently the mouse pad has the unique benefit of being in the first scene since it is placed on your desk, on the right and in the middle of everything and next to your computer.


Typically, the least expensive pad mouses are made with foam rubber. However, other types are available; some are made of fabric, with recycled rubber tires, silicone rubber, leather, glass, wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, stone, ceramic, stainless steel, or metals.

The designs

Originally, they were available in a simple rectangular shape. In recent years, they have been in many shapes and designs. Ergonomic designs are for sale today, made with beaded and foamed silicone gelatin materials.

Companies often give away mouse pads for promotional reasons, and computer manufacturers often include a mouse pad with your logo on it, usually with technical support information. Many artists have published the work on pad mouses.

There is now a wide variety of high quality “game grade pad mouses”. At first there were only three manufacturers: Everglide (arguably the first to come on the market), closely followed by Functional Industries, and Ratpadz. In 2005 several more companies joined, such as Steelpad, Icemat, Razer, Qpad, Corepad, Xtracpads, Radiography, Gamerzstuff, and Allsop.

These pad mouses are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit the various sensitivity settings that players choose. The Corepad Deskpad XXXL, arguably the largest cushion on the market, measures 90cm x 45cm.


They exist with various textured surfaces for various types of mouse technologies. The vinyl dash cover, due to its stickiness, was a popular pad mouse surface around the 1980s.

When the first optical mouse appeared, it required a pad mouse with printed hexagons to improve accuracy, speed, and comfort; it was unable to function properly on any other surface. After the silicone rubber coated surface was incorporated onto the surface of the steel mouse ball-wheeler, the cloth surface pad was found to be the most appropriate. It helped keep the ball-rolling silicone rubber surface clean of gobs, and with more speed and accuracy than a desk surface.

Hexagon-printed pad mice made way for other, more accurate and faster surfaces, such as the fabric material that provided a microscopic textured surface. Some optical mouse pads are shiny and with net lines, such were seen in the 80s; Although, more modern optical mice have less need for a pad mouse to move on many surfaces, but when accuracy, speed and comfort are necessary for the person, pad mouses are used. In addition, a number of padding placed in various places on the mouse pad increases comfort of use.


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